Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Backyard

It's that time of year again...yard work extravaganza.
haha... I've never been much of a green thumb.  Actually I avoided yard work like the plague growing up.  So my mom is very surprised to see me getting my dirt on in my own yard.  :)

This is what our yard looked like after we purchased it. Barren...not one plant!
So we got some plants...

 stole got a bench from my mom's, bought a trellis for the climbing plants...and dug flowerbeds.  Did I mention we did this all on the hottest day of the year last summer?!  Yeah, fun.

We even made flowerbeds on the side of the house!
  So what are we up to now?   Well, this was built this week..by a professional. lol
We still need to paint it...but it hasn't stopped raining enough to get down there. (See all the mud!?)  Matt has been building shelves for it though.  So expect a proper blog post to welcome its arrival. :)  Also the porch has some new items...Craigslist didn't completely let me down!  (More on that soon!)


  1. You are such a tease :) Shed looks great! It will be so nice to have a place to store all your outdoor stuff. Fingers crossed for sun, sun, sun!

  2. what i would do for your backyard! so lush and big! you both did a great job!

    can't wait to see the color you paint the shed!


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