Thursday, May 19, 2011

The CL Hunt

When I get restless I Craigslist hunt.  It's been raining here for a full week... and all I want to do is get outside and start working in the yard and on our patio area.  That's all!
So the hunt has begun.  I have my eye of some things that are  too great a bargain to pass up.   I've sent out inquiries and hopefully they're still available!

Check these out...
I've been searching for a patio set and right now we can't afford one, not to mention we wouldn't really use it all that much.  (We want to eventually invest in a 6+ person...for our large families.)  So that got me thinking to start looking for lounge furniture instead.

Outdoor porch set being used indoors currently (score!  no weather damage!) Price - $65!!!
It was posted yesterday... I sent an e-mail!
image 0

I have some ideas to make umbrella planters... so I need some large ceramic pots.  They retail for $65... but found these diamond in the rough for $20!  They just need some tlc.
image 2

Found a couple places giving away free fill dirt... no picture needed for that score. lol  The veggie garden needs to be planted soon!
Speaking of which...
Tomato plants...$3 each
image 0

Set of 4 outdoor solar lights...$25
image 1

Random.... brand new fabric steamer still in the box...$10!
image 0

14" Masterbuilt portable charcoal kettle grill...retails for $40...CL for $15!  Matt's been wanting a small charcoal grill... hm...
image 0

Haha... it needs to stop raining.  I'm going to go into debt.   Anyone else a CL junkie and proud?!  What crazy deals have you found?


  1. Oh Kathy, I love how similar we are! It's kind of creepy really. And what HAVEN'T I found on Craigs List. In years past, I've found roommates, couches, matching pottery barn rugs for my living room & dinging room (score!), private sewing lessons, people to host garage sales with, best friends, wedding dresses (for TTD photo shoot), bread boxes, and really... I could go on for days. But my best score to date? MY HUSBAND!!!

  2. ah! I love it Tams! Who else can say they met their husband through Craigslist! Love you guys!

  3. Hi Kathy, I found your blog, I forget through where, but that doesn't matter because I read the ENTIRE blog in 1 day (don't tell my boss). I love all your projects and you've given me ideas for my own. You guys are so cute together, God bless and expect to find yourself in my reader from now until forever.

  4. I found my job through CL! :)

    I haven't had the best luck on CL ... everytime I have found something I have to have it was gone, so sad!

    I am still on the look out for a great bookcase and a bed for the guestroom ... the bed in our guestroom is on the outs and since that room will one day be a kids room there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a new bed.

    I hope my bad luck changes soon ... I think it wouldn't be so bad if my job didn't block CL ... because then I would be able to check out everything as soon as it appeared instead of having to wait and then bam, gone! :(

    I guess you can tell I am a lil upset about this so sorry about this long comment, haha.

  5. Carolina, Thank you for the sweet comment and for joining my followers! :) It's always great to see a new face on here!

  6. All I can say is that I really wish I could use Craigslist :-( It would be soooooooo helpful.

    Otherwise, I think you've found some fantastic deals and yes, it needs to stop raining before you run broke! lol!


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