Thursday, May 5, 2011


I did it!
I finally got to go to Ikea and experience its awesomeness!  My little sister lives close to one and she ended up taking me to go pick up the Ribba frames I've been eying.  Jen isn't much of a home decor enthusiast like me, so she kept me grounded and moving through the warehouse.  Otherwise, I would still be in there right now...eating breakfast in the cafeteria and planning my day tour through the kitchen showcase floor.

So... of course...I took pics of the adventure!.......

{Here I am outside of was raining but did not put a damper on my mood!}
{Jenny is so excited too!...p.s. I love their carts!  They seriously glide...."Tokyo Drift style"}
{See....she was loving it!}
{Just taking a lounge break in one of the showcase rooms}
{Found the Ribba frames!}

{6 frames later...we ran out of room and Jenny stole someone else's cart}
{the get-away...}

{Heading to checkout...on cloud nine!}

 Will I go back... oh heck yeah!  I already found about 15 items I now need for the house.  I think next time I'll drag Matt along too!  He has to experience it!
I did manage to stay in budget...partly because we only had about an hour and Jenny was not about to be a part of a major shopping spree. :)

Thanks for taking me Jen!!


  1. I LOVE Ikea! I'm so glad we have one near us! You girls look like you had a blast :) It is easy to get lost in there for hours, trust me! I can't wait to see what you are using the frames for!

  2. You and your sis are adorable! Ikea is the best for those types of items, I'm going this weekend for those exact frames :)

  3. Reason number #576 why I wish we lived closer to each other. Can you imagine the Ikea-mania shopping trips that we could do together??!

  4. Oh Tams...we would do some crazy damage for sure lol.

  5. how fun!!! i want to go with you and Tams too!!!!

    i am going to beg hubby to take a trip down to Jersey with me, that way i can visit one for the first time! i have to start saving up!

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