Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picnic Blankets

I don't like grass.  Part of me feels like I should have been raised in Arizona because the idea of a rock lawn sounds so much better than grass.  It's more that it makes me itch if I sit in it...which I hear is common.  Well this past weekend we had some friends over for a memorial day cookout and I figured I would make some outdoor blankets for the kids to sit on.  This is a super DIY project.

Vinyl/Flannel sided table cloth
Cotton Fabric
Sewing Machine

I found a cheap vinyl sided table cloth at JoAnn Fabrics for $6 that was oblong (57" by 72").  I found some cotton print fabric on sale and bought 2 yards.  It was a little smaller than the table cloth, but I just cut it down to size.

I sewed the  two pieces together (inside out) leaving a small hole to pull it right side out.  Then I top stitched completely around to make sure the threads didn't pull out, especially through the vinyl. 
{The folded over corners show the vinyl side of the blankets}

Lastly, I made a ties from the extra table cloth and sewed it on the bottom (vinyl side).  This makes rolling up for storage easy.  Plus, to clean you can just throw them in the wash! 

They were definitely a hit both with the kids and adults!   Now maybe Matt and I can plan a picnic! :)IHeart Organizing

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  1. we're soulmates! i hate grass too!! i don't understand when people walk barefoot in it either, haha!!!

    AND this wknd i told the hubby we should have a picnic ... he politely declined. i yelled.

    we'll have a picnic before Summer ends ... whether he wants to or not :)

  2. haha! I like the determination!!

  3. I hate grass too!

    I love the picnic blankets - so cute!

  4. What?! I read your "I hate grass thing" and quickly determined that you must be the only girl on the planet that does. Then I read the comments!!

    What?! Why the heck do you hate grass? It's fresh, and GREEN, and soft on your bare feet (yes, I said it Faith). So weird.

    That said, your picnic blankets are darling. I totally need to follow suit for our sand-y picnic ventures. This would so come in handy!

  5. They are very cute. I want to make up a bunch to send to all my nieces who have young families. I need one to sit on when watching kids play soccer in the fall.

  6. Yeah, I don't like the idea of sitting on grass, either! Thanks for linking this to Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

  7. Great picnic blankets! Such cute fabric!

    Thanks for linking to the Creating Success Worldwide blog hop!! I'm following you now and hope you'll come back again next week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. Love the fabrics that you chose. Looks great!

  9. Way cool - and cheaper than a regular picnic blanket. Now I want to make some. Just don't put them through the spin cycle!!! lol


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