Thursday, May 5, 2011

Playing with fire...

Before I get hate mail... I do not condone the playing of fire.  In fact, after my gas fireplace nightmare this part winter {aka the time I tried to light it and flames came shooting in my face...} I haven't gone near large flames.  {We're still at the small candle steps}

Gosh how do I manage to get so off track with my topics?!  Anywho...I finally took care of a project that was burning a hole in my pocket lol.  Seriously though, I think my neighbors are intrigued by my DIYing because all they see is me coming outside every couple days to spray paint some odd object and then taking it back inside.  They're dying to know what I'm much so that our neighbor brought over his rusty old chiminea and liteally told my husband, "here...we're throwing this away...but maybe your wife wants to fix it up with spray paint."  So I came home to see this old rusty firepit chillaxin' in the backyard....

 Yuck! Right?!   Well after I got over the fact that I had a piece of junk metal hanging out on my back porch it finally stopped raining enough for me to take a closer look. That's when I realized that the integrity of the chiminea was still intact.  It was a nice solid piece that just needed some tlc.  So off I went to get some Krylon spray paint.  It had to be High Heat so that when we decided to burn some wood... it wouldn't bubble off.  VERY IMPORTANT!!

So...I got a hold of some BBQ & Stove in Red and Black. The idea I had was to bring out some of design detail by painting it all red, then black and rubbing through to bring out the red.  Hmm... let the pics explain.

 I let that dry for about 15 min.  It was a nice sunny day so it didn't take long at all.   Then I went over it in black.  As I sprayed I used a rag to brush off  the slightly wet black to reveal the red underneath.

So there you have it!  A revitalized chiminea!  I love it now... so proud!  I wonder what my neighbors will bring over next lol.

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  1. wow, it looks amazing! i think your neighbors are going to want it back when they see how amazing it looks, hehe.

    ahhh, i need to spray paint something! you and Tami with your spray painting! i have to get with the program! :)

  2. I was thinking that too Faith- when your neighbors see how great it looks, they are going to want it back! Nicely done. I've wanted one of those stoves for so long now. Spray paint is so addicting!

  3. amaze me! You've really outdone yourself as always. I enjoy reading your blog. Please stop by when you can.


  4. Hahahaha!!!! Your neighbours are so funny!

    It looks amazing!!! And I'll ask again - can I be you for a day? LOL!

  5. @ Faith, Tams is right... spray painting is so addictive. Once you start you submitted yourself to always having a sore pointer finger... but it's so much fun!
    @Abs, I love your blog. You've motivated me to start considering a more natural hairstyle. :)
    @Sarah, of course you can be me! :) Though, I've been lacking some sleep lately. How were your birthday celebrations?

  6. Kathy, the wedges are in and they are perfect! LOVE them! :)

  7. Woah!!! You're very talented.

  8. put it up for sale....and make a kill!


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