Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Product Review: Scotch Thermal Laminator

I'm excited to be giving this review.  I've always wanted a laminator, but never could afford it.  It was pleasant surprise when I stumbled upon the Scotch Thermal Laminator on Amazon.com for $30!  Now that, I could afford!
Here's a description offered by the website: 

Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901 will laminate items up to 9 inches wide. It features a two roller system that has two temperature settings. It can be used for photographs, documents, recipes and much more. This laminator will laminate items up to 5mil thick, including popular 3mil and 5mil pouches. Businesses and families can always find a use for a laminator that is built with 3M quality and durable, intelligent construction. The Scotch TL901 laminating system laminates letter-size, legal-size, business-card size, photo-size and other papers up to 9 inches wide, your photographs and important documents along with dozens of other projects and crafts. Practical and fun, you can set it up anywhere and anytime. Protect your licenses, make luggage tags, preserve invitations, and create reusable menus, bookmarks, and gifts--you're limited only by your imagination. Plus, the Scotch TL901 laminating system is portable and lightweight (only 5.4 pounds), taking up just 9 inches of your valuable desk surface. Includes a jam release lever. What's in the Box: Laminator, two 11" x 9.4" double-sided lamination pouches, instructions, warranty information.
My laminator arrived within 3 days... I was shocked by the super fast shipping and quickly tore the shipping box open!  Yay!  She's so pretty!!!
It came with  two laminating pouches (9" x 11.4").  I had already ordered a pack of pouches, but this was a nice starter kit.

The instructions were clear and understandable. You basically attach the back tray, plug it in and turn it on.  You use the 3 mil setting for thinner sheets of paper (computer, construction, tissue...etc) and 5mil for thicker sheets (cardstock, photos, business cards...etc).  I decided to laminate cardstock so I set it on 5 mil.
At first the red light will come on indicating that the power is on and it's heating up.  You'll begin to smell a faint heating smell...like a glue gun or iron.
While it was heating I went ahead and started getting  my name-tags cut and assembled in the pouch.  It's important to center the document(s) and leave at least a 1/8" margin is left on either side. 
A green light will click on when the laminator is hot enough and ready to go.  At this point you feed the laminating pouch in, sealed side first. The laminator will automatically begin to feed the pouch through.  If it gets stuck, there is a release level on the left side to unjam.

I cut each of the name-tags and there you have it!
It took about 30 sec for the sheet to completely work it's way through the laminator and it sealed the cardstock perfectly.  No white spots or bubbles.  They say if it doesn't seal right to run it through again, but I didn't have any problems!
This is a totally recommended product...LOVE LOVE LOVE! 
Now off to make labels for the pantry...hehe.


  1. Ooooo how fun! I would be a label freak if I had this- I'm sure you'll find tons of uses for it! And what a great deal :)

  2. how AWESOME! thanks for explaining that to me when i asked a while ago, hehe. can't wait to see all the labels you make for your pantry!


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