Friday, May 27, 2011

Progress Reveal: Living Room

On any given day I can say that I get inspired at least three times.  Blog stalking  may have something to do with that.  :)   But it's true...I can take a walk through hobby lobby and walk out with a cart full of random objects ready to create!  Weird... I know.  But this next project I have to share with you all deserves to be credited to a couple awesome bloggers out there.

We're in the "Pretty Room" aka the "Living Room".  This is the room we will use for entertaining / reading a good book...etc. :)   Remember my "feeling blue" post?  Well, I did it.  I painted two of the walls a bold dark blue!  I LOVE it!  The other two walls are a khaki color which complements the room perfectly.   I don't know why we didn't do this sooner!   We still need to reupholster the couch...fabric is here, but I'll be needing my mom's help!  We also need to decide of curtains. want pictures?

 haha...patience my friend...

So, you remember my life-changing Ikea visit with my little sister?  Yeah well, I came home with six 20" x 20" Ribba frames.  Think for a min how large these are...yeah...drama.  :)  My first inspiration with these frames is from John and Sherry over at Young House Love!  Seriously... love this collage.
{Photo from Young House Love}
Our couch isn't long enough for 8 frames so we went with one column shorter.  Next was deciding what to frame. I liked the temporary idea John and Sherry did, but I figured...heck, while I'm opening the frames up I might as well put some effort into it!
Enter inspirator #2...
Jen over at IHeart Organizing!  She actually got inspired on Pinterest and came up with this framed butterfly art... I love it! Simple and striking at the same time!
So I got to work.  I found a butterfly image on Microsoft office and printed it onto some scrap cardstock.  I then cut it out and used it as a template to trace onto various colors of cardstock.  I cut them all out {The cutting took awhile, not going to lie}.  I then mounted each of them on a 12 x 12 piece of cardstock.  

Next, I centered them in the frame and taped them down.  Hanging was the fun part.  I decided I wanted them 7 inches apart...Matt took the sheet that was inside the frames and used it as a template to tape on the walls and make sure each frame would be the perfect distance apart.  Then we nailed in the hooks tore the papers down and hung the frames.  Yay. 

So here's the big {IN PROGRESS} reveal... Before & Afters!

 So there you have it!  Still have some more decor pieces to bargain hunt for...and when it's all done I'll give a final reveal!  Thanks to all of you who encouraged me to go dark  blue!  No regrets!  And a special thanks to my dad!!  He was a major help in the painting process.  Unfortunately every time I brought out the camera to shoot pics for the blog he made me  put it away. lol.  One day  I'll get a picture of him for the blog!!  Promise!
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  1. LOVELY! I might have to use the framed personal artwork idea for our living room. I did one for our bedroom because I couldn't find any artwork with colors I liked and that married most of our bedsheets well. I like that you used box frames. Great job. Your living room decor is coming out well. My shero!

  2. Thanks Savvy! Yes, it was super easy to frame! I would definitely recommend a Ribba frame. Ikea sells them in different sizes too! My goal is to get a few in the odd sizes and do a collage up the stairs. :)

  3. Oh Kathy! It's all brilliant!

    The colors look fabulous. That blue, heck yeah! It's dramatic but not overwhelming (prob. bc. you only did 2 walls and you have so much natural light in that room). Props to you guys though, those walls are B-I-G!

    And that art? Whimsy and fun and does NOT look DIY at all! I adore it so much!

    So, so impressed my friend. Can't wait to see how the rest comes out, but you've done a spectacular job so far!

  4. Love the butterfly art, and I must get to Ikea soon for those frames! Thanks for sharing at the linky party.

  5. those look beautiful - we have pretty huge walls in our house too and using the wall tones in the pictures works so perfectly!

  6. Absolutely LOVE those dark blue walls!!!

  7. Very nice butterfly display. Thanks for sharing!

  8. i am in love with that dark blue! absolutely in love! you did such an amazing job ... and the frames, wow, wow, wow!

    you know John & Sherry's guest room wall color? i want to paint our enclosed porch that color because of all the windows in that room ... i think it won't be too much just because of the light that comes through ... i was thinking that wall color with splashes of red from the decor ... not sure when i am going to do it but i just love the idea! what do you think?

  9. p.s. your future kids are going to have a blast in your house! it's so beautiful!

  10. oh , I love those frames! Thanks for linking this up to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  11. I love the idea Faith! That color would look fantastic!

  12. Wow!!! It looks fantastic! I love the butterflies - they add a nice touch.

    Now you have me wishing away my white walls :-)

  13. I love it! I like your choice for wall color and the butterfly are great and simple enough that I might actually be able to do them!

  14. I LOVE IT! I just painted my bedroom a similar color and am trying to figure out some art to do. Love this idea

  15. Hi, I found your blog on IHeart Organizing! This is gorgeous, so pretty with the butterflies! I just did a gallery style wall over my couch too ( if you want to see it), but it's a little more cluttered looking. Haha. Yours looks professionally done, like you bought the pictures at a store! Way to go!

  16. I ADORE the blue walls, looks wonderful!!

  17. Please please please tell us what is this beautiful blue!!!


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