Monday, May 16, 2011

Spring Weather is in the Air

...or more like severe weather is in the air.  We've been having a few bouts of rain storms that have brought a few surprises.  On Thursday we saw dark clouds approaching and figured it was just another flash rain storm.  It got dark fast!  A tornado was spotted in the town near us and then the hail started!  It was about 1 in in diameter...then started getting smaller till it stopped.  The whole storm lasted about 30 min.  When we went out (because I had a rehearsal dinner to get to) there was massive flooding everywhere... we're talking gushing river in our backyard and up to the curb water levels through the development!  Craziness...
By the next day it was all gone... like it never happened.  Unfortunately, a few of our neighbors experienced some major flooding in their basements and damage to screen doors and roofs.  Thankfully we didn't get anything... even the cars we had parked outside were ok.  :)
Here are some pics... they're dark.. sorry!

{All the hail}

 {As soon as it got small enough Matt ran out and scopped up a handful!}



  1. Wow! That's amazing!! I have NEVER seen hail before - only had the idea of it in my mind! Living in Darwin, Aust, we don't get hail storms ... and nor have I seen snow! {I know, I'm deprived, lol} I also HATE it when it gets colder that about 24 degrees celcius, so I probably wouldn't cope anyway!

  2. omg, are you serious? that is so crazy! we haven't gotten any hail but the last few days the weather has been sucky!

  3. The only time I've seen something like this was when I was living in Denver years ago. Within a few minutes the sky became almost black then opened up. There were snow banks full of hail just like that and so many cars/people got caught in a flash flood (people had to climb on top of their cars to keep from being swept away). An hour later is was like it never happened. So freaky!


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