Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coupon Outing - 6/22

Since my last post explaining the ins and outs of couponing,  I've had a couple people ask me how its been going.  Well I'm happy to say... very well!  It's taken about a month to get a collection of coupon inserts (from the newspapers) together in order to really get into the art of couponing.  But the savings are unreal!  Do I think I'll get to the extreme seen on TV...unlikely!  However, our church has recently started a ministry whereby we donate the free toiletries to a "home closet" that they reserve for visiting missionaries.  It's an awesome way of providing the basic needs to those serving and avoid the unnecessary hoarding effect.

So last  night was my first real shopping event.  I spent about an hour getting the deal typed up and coupons cut and ready.  These are the 14 items that I got...
{6 boxes of cereal, 2 boxes of brownie mix, 4-pack of Yoplait Delight, 2 packs of feminine products, 2 packs of Tic Tacs and  bread }
With all the weekly sales I was taking advantage of, the total before the coupons was $27.72 ...but after all the coupons I only paid...

 You read right!  I had $11.50 in coupons!  It helped that a lot of the items ended up being free too (Tic Tacs and Yoplait Delights}!  The rest ended up being huge deals! Even Matt was impressed with my brownie mix deal of 25¢ a pop!

Again, I'll try and do a weekly post of the savings!  Who knows... maybe one day I'll walk out with a week of groceries for free!!!  That would make me giddy!


  1. You have no idea how excited I am about this post! For the last two weeks we have been stocking up on coupons and on Wednesday night we gathered them all and it was insane! We went shopping last night and I felt so proud. I should do the same like you're doing, hehe. Sean was like, I'm never paying full price for anything again, lol.

    Great job my darling!!!

  2. yes, please make a post on your savings!! It's insane how easy it is to save on groceries!!

  3. awesome! I need to work on couponing big time. I guess I just often feel like the things I want are not a coupon.

  4. Nice work honey! I've been trying to coupon for a little while now. My question to you is- do you find yourself buying things you wouldn't ordinarily? We do save some, but it's frustrating and confusing. I also find that the big savings items- are already out of stock by the time I get to the store. Like- at CVS they were having a special on sugar and there was none left! Maybe I need to up my game.


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