Thursday, June 2, 2011

First Ever...Linky Party!

I'm nervous. 
This is the first linky party I've ever done, so this could be a good or bad thing!  I figure it's time I give you all a chance to show off some of your awesome projects!  I'm working on a couple right now that are a bit time consuming...but I promise to post as soon as I'm done!   In case you've missed some this past month here are some quick links! 

Now it's your turn!! I don't care if yours are from a month ago... post some inspiration! 

{Some Notes}
1) Under "Name" make sure you write the name of the project... not your personal name!
2) Make sure you copy my button on your project page so we can spread the linky party goodness! we go!

Here's a button for you!
Lovelace Files


  1. Oooh! What a fun idea K-dawg! I posted a project I did a while ago- but it's a goody :) I just can't figure out how to grab that cute little button so I can put it on my blog? Ideas?

  2. You can either:
    1) Copy paste it into your blog...and then link it with my homepage.
    2) Copy the button code on the right column of my page under "My Button" section.

  3. Got it! The code for the button wasn't appearing yesterday. All good now :)


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