Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Girls' Weekend (Final Installment)

We arrived in Port Clinton Saturday afternoon and took a drive around to check out the scene.  We found a Great Lakes Popcorn where they had every flavor imaginable!  My favorites were Island Mix {White Cheddar & Carmel} and Vanilla Butternut.   So yummy!

{The Vanilla Butternut was colored Red White and Blue! on left}
{The flavor menu!}

{Nuff said...}
{Just outside...we couldn't resist}

{Lots of Seagulls!}

We got dressed and ready for dinner at Mon Ami Winery and Restaurant

{I got this dress from one of the boutiques... love it!  It's so airy and was only $15!}

The winery was awesome!  They had three weddings going on so we got to sit there during dinner and watch them.  It was so hot outside though, we felt so sorry for the guests!  The food was delicious!  We got a baked brie for our appetizer and it was covered in carmel, sliced almonds, baked apples and peaches...YUM!   My prime rib was inhaled in a matter of minutes! ha... no shame, we were on vacation!
We then decided to head over to Put-in-Bay for the rest of the evening.  We rented a golf cart and drove around the island just checking things out...and getting so lost!

We stopped for ice cream and mom had it running down her arm withing minutes.  We couldn't stop laughing at the mess.  
Then as it got darker the mayflies came out and started pelting us in the face...we had to ride back trying our best to keep them off of us...it was hysterical.  We stayed at a hotel in Port Clinton and slept in a little the next morning before heading home.  We did stop at a farmer's market on the way back that had some awesome deals!  But I held off a bit since I knew Matt was at home with a garden surprise for me!!  More to come on that!! 
Thanks mom and Diane for the awesome weekend!  Will cherish it forever!  Till next time!! 


  1. Flavored (carmel!!) popcorn, prime rib, and melty ice cream? Sounds like the perfect way to have fun with 'the girls'. Thanks for sharing your adventures- such a cute recap.

  2. oh yum!! i didn't know that tidbit about popcorn ... hmmm, maybe i should buy some, lol.

    i want to go on vacation with you!!!

    sounds and looks like it was a great time!


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