Monday, June 6, 2011

Girls' Weekend (Part 2)

We woke up early and hit the road... well, after stopping at Dunkin Donuts and a couple yard sales... haha
Just outside of Port Clinton we saw a sign for Firelands Winery.  We decided to stop by and check out the grounds...and take a picture. :)  Turns out they are the sister winery to the one we were having dinner at in Port Clinton... small world!  I'm always on the hunt for a good wine to cook with, though the ambiance is enough for me.  I like grapes....

...and cheese.  Yes, we found the Cheese Haven on our way...and of course stopped to get cheese.  I was craving white cheddar cheese curds all morning. lol...don't judge.
 We headed into Marblehead to check out the scene and find the lighthouse.  Lots of cute little boutiques lined the main street so of course we shopped to our hearts content.  Found this cute necklace set that happened to have my name and maiden initial...I felt so famous!
We eventually found the lighthouse!   My mother-in-law was so excited!! 

Model shot!  Love her!  She was such a blast to hang with.
 We even went to the shoreline and put our feet in.  It was freezing!!  I can't believe some people were swimming in it.  Yikes!

 ...then we headed over to Port Clinton...

Stay tuned!!


  1. What I would GIVE for a medium-regular-ice-coffee-with-melted-sugar from D&Ds right now.

    Sounds like a great time! Checking out wineries (and wine tasting!!) is one of my most favorite pastimes :)

  2. looks like such a great time! i love how you had a girls weekend with your MIL! you all look so happy in the pictures! love it.


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