Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How I get veggies in my man

There has been a lot of requests for quick and easy recipes..so I'll try and post as many as I can.  Thing is I usually get so caught up I forget to snap pics...or my hands are messy...or they are so quick I just plain forget!  But keep reminding me!!
My amazing hubby isn't crazy about some veggies.  Mainly my favorites: tomatoes & cucumber.  I don't mind eating his veggie discards, but it's important that he get his nutrients.  So I trick him.  These days he's more aware that I'm sneaking his daily serving of veggies into his food, so it's not so deceiving anymore. :)
We're on a health kick now that it's summer...so I decided to make a veggie pizza last night.  Yes, no meat!  Gasp... I know.
I apologize ahead of time because I totally did not take pictures when it came out of the oven.  Matt walked in from work and we just started chowing down... literally... luckily I was fast enough to get plates.  Otherwise... I consider that a positive review on taste!

Quick and Easy Veggie Pizza
{This is a "fridge cleaner" recipe.  I say this because you can use whatever veggies you have in there that need to be used up asap!  I'll list what I used, but feel free to substitute!}
Pizza Crust (Pillsbury)
Pizza Sauce
Mozzarella Cheese (or feta is always good too)
Bell Peppers (I used green and red)
Sweet Corn (I cut it off the cob)
Italian Seasoning
Other Veggie Options that I didn't have: Mushroom, Avocado, Spinach, Banana Peppers, Broccoli, Zucchini...etc
Take the dough and roll it out to desired thickness on a well greased pan.  Follow the package for oven temp and bake times. 
Spread the sauce and start adding your veggies... yummy!

I did add cheese!  And I also sprinkled some Italian Seasoning. 

 I baked mine at 425 deg for 20 min...the crust was golden brown by then.  Like I said it didn't last long at all...and it was super healthy!


  1. You sneaky little devil you! :)

    I would have never thought to put corn on a veggie pizza. Brilliant! I'll have to try that out on my man. He's weary of veggies too.

  2. omg, that looks soooo good!!! i want to have a slice!!! i have to make a veggie pizza!!! i always make pepperoni pizzas but haven't made veggie ones ...

  3. This does look good. I wish I could try hubby into trying something like this. I think he has Domino's on speed dial lol!


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