Friday, June 10, 2011

June's to-do List

It's a busy month for us!  Already half over in my mind and we still have to get the outside of the house in check for summer and our home owners association walk-through! {Yes, they take things very seriously... lol}
So, stay tuned for recaps on the following...

1) Painted outdoor shed (I just have the side and back trim to finish up!)
2) Flower garden extension
3) Front door makeover
4) Garage organizing / floor
5) Secret art project... Matt doesn't even know about it!

But I want to hear from all of you!  What are your plans for this summer?  Vacations?... Projects around the house?... anything!  Spill!


  1. Tease. *I* want to know what the secret art project is!!!

    I'm also curious to see what you do with your front door makeover.

    June is a busy travel month for me. Mostly work related, so nothing too extravagant. I'm headed south to Texas this weekend and then back east for a couple of weeks to NH and DC. Things calm down a bit in July- which means PROJECT CENTRAL and... super secret projects. Bwhahaha.

  2. haha...Now you have my itching to find out what you're up to Tams! I hope your travels go well!

  3. June is busy, busy, busy! We are going to get our backyard in order soon ... we finally have the ramp down so that's excited.

    baby shower tomorrow, bach party next wknd in nyc and then wedding the weekend after ... so June is looking pretty good!

    can't wait to see all your completed projects!

  4. Good luck with all your projects this month! This month we're busy packing for our big move.


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