Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Veggie Garden Status (June)

Since planting the garden box earlier this month, we've been anxiously awaiting for anything to start growing.  Meanwhile we've been enjoying the crazy growing herbs!  Seriously... they're on the verge of being out-of-control.  Luckily I have some friends who don't mind me giving them bagfuls of fresh cut goodness!  And yes, at times I feel like a drug dealer. haha.  I only grow the good stuff!
And how the garden looks today... {24 days old}

Tomatoes are coming!

 ...and jalapenos! 
I finally found a use for the dill too!  Recipe is a coming!!  Promise!


  1. Oohh - look at your garden grow! I am having a little bit of garden jealousy right now...hehe! For right now, I'm limited to container gardening on our deck, but it's my dream to someday have a "salsa" garden when we have the space. Someday, someday ;)

  2. Wow - how exciting! Its amazing how much its grown after less than a month! All I have are two sad little tomato plants with no flowers yet :)

  3. Oh my gosh- isn't it so fun? Honestly, I think gardening is so addicting. I never understood that before I started my own.

    Funny story: I grew oregano last year- and it just TOOK OVER. My dad makes his own pasta sauce so I thought I'd dry some and send him some. Hanging that stuff around my house... well, it totally looked like I was a drug dealer. And then when I put it in a baggie and sent it to him, well- I thought the police were going to come a'knockin' on my door. Too funny- but he loved it :)


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