Thursday, July 14, 2011

Box Garden Update (July)

It's been 2 months and boy oh boy.  Every time I go down to check out the garden I'm blown away.  I've never actually invested any time or work in a garden before, so it's been a blast.  You can see the progress here & here.
Check out the veggie goodness!

The cilantro madness has calmed down since it went to flower.  I'll be collecting them soon for seeds... but I'll replant to get another crop this summer. 
Let's start with the tomatoes.  They're growing very tall...
I'm considering staking them with a taller stick because they're outgrowing the cage.  I counted over 12 tomatoes from two plants.  There are a lot of yellow flowers up top which we're expecting will fruit as well.

 We have this huge morphed one that just cracks me up.  It's like it ate its twin. lol.
 We planted a lot of peppers too: Banana, Cayenne, Jalapeno, green and red.  We actually already harvested some of the Jalapeno and Banana.  They're all growing so fast. 

 Fiesta Bell Pepper

 The onions!
We already decided that next year we're doing another box garden right next to this one so that we can plant more.  I would love to have cucumbers & zucchini!
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  1. wow, can't believe how great it looks!!! you have a green thumb now!!!

  2. Oh- you've got the bug!! So, so fun. And there is NOTHING better than a home grown tomato. It's like.. candy.


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