Monday, July 18, 2011

Diy with the `rents

Parents, that is.  My mom has been wanting to reupholster her dining room chairs for years!  Literally... she purchased the fabric almost 5 years ago and just hasn't had the time to get them done.  {Enter DIY fanatic daughter with oblivious hubby in tow}.  We decided to spend a Friday night and Saturday afternoon getting her chairs done.  Since mom had helped Matt and I with ours, we figured we knew what to expect work-wise.  Little did we know that when these cushions were originally made, it was where staples came to die.

Here are her chairs before.  I wanted to get a picture of the whole set, but they had already been removed.

 This is the fabric my parents purchased a few years ago from JoAnn fabrics. 
 Friday night the guys were outside removing the one million staples that were oh-so-needed to keep the cushion intact till the end of time...  ridiculous.  
 Matt was all business.
 Saturday afternoon I came back over to help mom and dad put the fabric on and reassemble the chairs.  Mom - the seasoned tailor and upholster with Dad - the perfectionist.  Their banter back and forth was absolutely hilarious!  I think that first cushion took over 30 min.  :)
 My new electric stapler which I WILL be doing a feature on soon!   It came in so handy!
 Next step was reattachment to the chair base {my part!}. 

 And here we have a finished chair!!  So, one down...five to go! haha.
 I think we finished everything in about 4 hours on Saturday...and boy was it worth it!  The chairs look absolutely fabulous!  It's amazing how much change fabric can bring to a room!  ...and then I went all paparazi on the set.  But to be defensive, I didn't know when my parents would let me do a blog feature on them again, so I had to get my fill!  :)

Mom & Dad...thanks for letting me blog on your recent DIY project...and for the second one I have coming on the garden...hehe.


Somewhat Simple


  1. Great job! You are sooooo handy.

  2. you are so frickin' awesome! great job!

  3. Great makeover! Thats so cool that you were able to get the whole family involved. Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog. :)

  4. Oh my gosh the chairs look great!! I can't wait to see them in person! I'm going to spend all my time on them :)

    Rachelle, it wasn't the WHOLE family involved seeing as how I wasn't there. But don't you worry, I would have been a GREAT asset! hehe

  5. Oh my gosh- the before and afters are amazing! What a huge difference. I've never done something like this- but would love to learn how. I might have to fly you out here for personal lessons. That's it though, just recover chairs... no beach action allowed. Ok, maybe just a little.


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