Friday, July 22, 2011

A free weekend!

Finally!  Matt and I both have a free weekend... aka an unplanned weekend!  So of course we plan on putting some much needed love into the house.  Meanwhile, I'll be keeping my phone close as my best friend plans to have her second baby boy on Saturday!!  Can't wait!
So... the much anticipated weekend list at Casa de la Conway!

1) The Shed: Well it's finally painted!  But now we have to attach a gutter and the rain barrel{Remember that project last year?!?} Also on the agenda is an extreme overall on the inside.  I want it organized to the max!  Since we just got the shed a couple months ago, it's crucial we establish some order early!  Remember all this inspiration I found... totally making it a reality!

2) Landscape: We need to weed and cut our crazy growing grass.  Hopefully we can start this in the early morning Saturday.  And no... I don't have pictures of our weed situation. lol

3) Basement: For a break from the heat outside we'll try and tackle the mess in the basement.  Basically just need to get the storage bins, consolidated, organized and labeled.  Plus I have a lot of wedding scraps I've forgotten about that might be recycled or sold!

So be ready for some crazy posts first thing next week!

What all do you have planned for the weekend?! 


  1. Girl, for a "free weekend" you sure do sound busy. Hopefully you'll get to kick-back a little and enjoy it all at some point this weekend :-)

  2. sounds like a mucho, mucho busy weekend! can't wait to see all you accomplish!

    p.s. i have no plans and i love it! :)

  3. You're a busy bee. Your shed is too cute! John and I stayed in and did schoolwork all weekend. tons of fun i tell ya...tons!


  4. Do you bottle and sell your motivation? May I have some?

  5. Tami....I have to say I LOVE reading your comments on Kathy's blog as well!! You always make me laugh :)


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