Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mom's flower garden

{As promised... a second post featuring my parent's house!!}
My mom is an avid gardener.  As far back as I can remember, she's always been planting something.  She used to have a veggie garden, but her specialty is definitely flowers.  Growing up I never helped out much with gardening {hence my current weak skills which I'm working hard to develop!} So, I got a chance this past weekend to take a stalker amount a few pictures to feature on here for all of you to see.  She went all out this year, and it really shows!  The best shots are of the lilies...hands down.  They all bloomed in different colors... a couple were hybrids that just make one's jaw drop!  Love love!!  I'll tell you what...when I grow up... I want my garden to look like my moms!  haha.
Check it out...

This is my parent's house...and where I spent most of my life growing up!

 Side of the house...

 The Backyard

I can't believe just last year this is where our Kwanjula ceremony was held!

She has a bunch of Rose of Sharon trees... these ones are a purple/pink.  Very pretty!

 All of mom's hanging baskets look perfect... mine are dry...and sad.  I've considered bringing them over for a play date.

 Definitely have a lot of work to do in our yard to get to this standard.  I'll have to get some pictures from my father-in-law's garden too next time we visit.  He has some gorgeous blooms as well!  I guess Matt and I have no excuse for having some fraction of a green thumb in our DNA.  :)


  1. wow, how incredible!! that is more than a green thumb ... this posts makes me bow my head in shame ... next Summer, i promise, haha :)

  2. Wow love Mom's flower beds. Now I see where you get it.


  3. I'm speechless. Your mom's garden is stunning. I already just adore your mom and can't wait to meet her someday- but really? Is there anything she can't do?? xo

  4. I love their garden! Your ceremony there was just gorgeous and I'm with hard to believe it's been over a year now!! XO


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