Monday, July 11, 2011

Organizing Madness love organizing!  This is the best time of year to do so because stores just started their back-to-school sales!  Yayness!
Walmart -  Their storage totes and shelving in the back-to-college section will be needed for shed and garage.
I can totally see this group of six {$32}used to organize misc hand tools... 
Sterilite Narrow Modular Storage Drawers, Set of 6, White  
Need one more of these bad boys for the basement and garage.  {$24}
Sterilite 4-Shelf Shelving Unit, Gray Silk
Target - A lot of coupons are out there to get pens, sharpies and scotch tape for free right now!! The office needs to get stocked! {3M coupons}

And while I online "window" shopping I got distracted and fell onto these inspiration shots for an organized shed/garage... oh yeah...gears are a turning.  A lot of these ideas can be utilized without even spending money!
{Source: Martha Stewart}
Love this pegboard look.  Definitely a low cost option and helps with hanging tools and keeping everything in their place.  My friend Tami did a similar project a few months ago... Check it out here!
It's the jars in this photo that had be getting excited!  We have an abundance of canning jars in our possession right now that I could easily set this up on the new shelves Matt installed in the shed!  Very excited. 
I'm a painter... and making sure my brushes are in a safe place and looking fabulous... this is by far the perfect solution... and an easy DIY with some magnetic tape and a plank of wood!
Well, this is a reach, but since the car is in the garage it doesn't hurt to organize the trunk while I'm in there.  This trunk "catch all" is awesome!  And Walmart has a similar one for sale right now for only $10!
So clever!!!  


Anyone have any great organizing tips for these spaces?


  1. I could totally use a trunk catch all and we seriously need those heavy duty metal shelves in our garage. Looks like you've covered it all!

  2. organizing madness is right!!! i agree with Frugalista! you def. have it covered!!! can't wait to see the projects you complete!

  3. Love all the inspiration. I've been wanting to do peg board in our shed for awhile, but we just haven't gotten to it yet. Maybe this Fall when it's cooler out. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Giril =)

    I have a few questions to ask you on PW. Would you mind stopping by the Our First Home board for me? Pretty please? thanks!!

  5. I wish I had some ideas, maybe if I get off the computer I can put some of these to use! I love the hose and funnels, so cute and useful! Thanks for stopping by refreshrestyle!

  6. I am going to do the string in the
    funnel trick. Perfect for my garden shed. Thanks


  7. @ Diane! When I saw that photo I totally thought about your crafty shed!! So glad you're doing this!

  8. Oh honey- how sweet are you for giving me that little shout out. I'm totally blushing.

    And WOWAH on all those fab organizing ideas. I totally got goosebumps. I can't wait to see what you come up with. You are SO crafty!


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