Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Painted Shed...finally.

This post has been a long time coming.  My apologies.  With being back in school and the crazy rainy season we were unable to get the shed painted as fast as we would have liked.  But it's officially done!  We had the shed built back in May and the builder told us to paint it right away.  Lol.. that was funny.   I did start the base about a week later... then it sat there for a month.  Finally I was able to do the door... then it sat there again.  So we finally went out there and finished up the trim.  We already found a bees nest... yuck.  But destroyed that like it was hot! 
{One week old - unpainted raw wood}
It rained like craziness before they put the shed up, so our lower backyard was a mud pit! 
and after...

Matt painting the trim on the last side.  We still have a couple corners to touch up... but overall it's done! Oh, and my handy man needs to build a ramp.  See...even a bird  decided to christen it   Oh...and that gray thing is Matt's flip flop.  He took the brush from me to finish up and told me to go inside and bake him an apple pie.  I may have overreacted.  {Sigh}... he had it coming.
So our home owners association asks that the shed resemble the colors of the house.  So here's the comparison.  I think we got close enough.  Good thing I painted our front door with the same paint!...hehe. {SW  6328 - Fireweed}

I have some planters from the planting party to hang on the front and a hanging basket already planted waiting to hang!!  I need to get hooks.  Also, Matt needs to build a wall around the bottom to keep this little gal out of there.  We've started to see little ones running around.  They've already eaten three of my plants down to the roots!!  Not all.
 We need to organize the inside too!!  Matt isn't too thrilled about me wanting a finger in the shed action, but once he sees the plans I have for it... he'll be all smiles!  Got some great ideas from here.


  1. it looks amazing! absolutely love it! even your shed is styling! you both did a great job ... minus your flip flop throwing, i am assuming that, that is what you did, hahaha :)

  2. I did. lol. But he deserved it!!!

  3. I nearly lost it when I saw the flip flop! Too funny. The shed looks amazing though! Nicely done my friend!!

    *I think that bunny is cute :)


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