Thursday, July 21, 2011

Potatoes, Onions & Garlic...oh my!

The storing of these earth grown veggies can be a bit tricky in Ohio.  I originally had ours in recycled clementine crates in the garage...
But in the summer it's too hot and the winters too cold.  Literally, my potatoes froze this past winter.  Have you ever cut into a frozen potato?!  It's so weird...and lots of water.  I really wanted to store them inside somewhere.  But ironically I couldn't find the space.  A lot of sites say to store them in a cool dry place, but at the rate we eat through them... not really as big an issue.  So I found this solution.  

New American 3-Tier Hanging Basket
So I marched on over to my local store {coupon in hand, of course} and purchased this fine three-tier basket.  It was a steal really... and it's super sturdy!  I then went to Home Depot and bought a ceiling hook with anchor that would hold up to 45lbs.  Now, I don't expect the basket to hold that much weight, but the hook was on sale and cheaper than the lighter weight ones. lol.   I also bought some extra black chain so that the basket could hang lower.   Wanna see where I put it?! 
Check it out...
I decided to hang it near the sink.  There is this little nook next to the cabinet that I considered "dead space".  I needed to utilize it in some way.  And since that area is where I do most of my peeling... it worked out perfect!
{Kitchen sink area before}
It's important to  measure out exactly where to hang it so that it didn't hit the wall or cabinet when it swung.  It was funny because as I was drilling the hole in the ceiling, Matt walked in from work and found me on the counter covered in ceiling dust.  {We just stared at each other for a min...acknowledging my crazy "spur-of-the-moment" project} Anywho...
{Kitchen sink area now}
Sorry the picture is so bright, I couldn't figure out how to handle the sun coming in.  I have the baskets set up to store garlic up top, onions in the middle and potatoes on the bottom.  Currently it's holding a 5lb bag of potatoes and 2 large onions with ease. :) 
The side chains have little clips that allow you to change the angle of the baskets.  I have them dipping down a little bit so that I can grab what I need easier.   Especially the garlic up top. 
 The baskets came out of the box lined with a very thin cardboard.  I left that in there so that I didn't have little Onion and Garlic skins coming through the basket.  
All in all, I'm happy with the new storage setup!  It's been a week and all is well. 
Now to leave  you with a potato recipe I'll be trying out soon... 

With homemade avocado... yumminess to the extreme!
Somewhat Simple


  1. seriously, how do you come up with this stuff? your brain is always working!! haha.


    Irish Nachos look incredible! i so want to make it too!!! i need to buy some avocado!

  2. Love it, my grandmother has had one of these in her kitchen for ages... She would always put potatoes, onions, and her bananas in the top.

  3. I love the part where you said your hubby and you just shared a look! Ha ha! Too funny!

  4. Oh Kathy- you rock. I love how you make things so function AND pleasing to the eye. I also love the little anecdotes like when Matt walked in and saw you covered in ceiling dust. Gosh, I've missed you!

  5. O.M.G. That looks so damn good!


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