Monday, July 25, 2011

The Shed Reveal!

 The weekend was officially productive!  Despite the evening rain storms, Matt and I were able to get outside and finish up on the shed!  I even woke up early on Saturday to get a head start before the heat arrived.  First things first... we decided on how we were going to organize all the tools and yard stuff.  Then, we pulled everything out and brought everything back in one-by-one to it's assigned spot.  I seriously love to organize, so I was on cloud nine.  Did I mention Matt gave me permission to go all label-maker crazy in there?!  Actually, I had to after he attempted a hand-written sharpie marker label for one of the rakes... it was so sad. He knew it, and when I saw it, he begged me to fix it.  :)'s what the shed looked like before we started.

Cringe right?!  I seriously didn't even go into there because of the mess/clutter.  I just contributed by throwing my gardening stuff in there...and my rubber gloves for painting. lol. As we started working I got the urge to put down carpeting, but apparently sheds don't get such decorating treatment.  That's cool.  
Well here's what we did do... 

We hung a wood rail to hang the shovels and rakes...

We hung pegs for the extension cords and water hoses. 

We handmade a corner storage space for the tiki torches!

This was a collaborate effort, but Matt totally came up with the idea to use the plastic lattice we had dumpster dived out of our neighbors "moving-out" trash a few weeks before... SCORE!  I even got to use the Miter and Circular saws all by myself to help! 
We  then made a trip into Home Depot to get the peg board and hanging accessories. 

 Probably the most important feature that I knew we absolutely needed was the trash can.  Thing was, I didn't want to pay for it.  So I used an extra hamper we had in  the house and lined it with an industrial trash bag.  I eventually want to use this corner as a gardening nook to store all my pots...and other gardening stuff I'll buy to fill it. lol  Might store my painting supplies too. {Paint brushes, buckets, rollers, rolling pan/liners...etc}
 This pic was taken before we took the saws and work area back in the basement, but imagine all the floor space in there now!
... at least my garden apron has a spot by the door now. :)
 I finally got a chance to hang my floor pots and basket too! 
 Don't judge... but I killed the other two plants in this pot.  It was just too hot outside...

All done for now!  {Eventually we want to put a wall around the bottom to keep out the rabbits... and a ramp}


  1. wow, you did such a great job! you are organizing queen!!!

    my flowers aren't doing so well either ... i think it has something to do with the heat and my brown thumb. haha, literally. ;)

  2. Great job ! It looks so neat and organized - love the idea of the labeling.

    The squirrels are having their way with my poor annuals and they look just awful too !

    thanks for sharing !


  3. It looks awesome! Love the organization!

  4. Honestly you just amaze and inspire me girl!

  5. BTW...forgot to mention that I am loving the red doors. Nice touch! Matches the front.

  6. Wow! This is inspiring! Good job girl!

  7. Josh and I checked this shed out he said Wow. I love the labels !
    You two are awsome. Wish I had you energy.

  8. Rock it K-dawg! Everything came out amazing! And you should have seen me sitting over here like a proud auntie when I saw your peg board. :) And the labels, the plants, the over all organization. Heck, you have tiki organization! Gave me goosebumps. Beautiful!

  9. WOW not many men are going to let you use a label maker in a shed/garage....kudos to Matt :) I love all of it, looks so great!

  10. Kathy, thank you so much for sharing this post of yours. Some really great ideas for my shed. I'm going to pin some of them right now. Thanks!!! :)


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