Thursday, July 7, 2011

Transformers 3

Surprised Matt last night and took him to go see Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  He's a HUGE fan of Transformers so he had been begging to go see it as soon as it hit theaters.  It's the third one...and of course we own the first two!
I was out with some girlfriends and had told Matt to meet me at Target just before the movie time.  I picked him up and flashed him the tickets I had just bought and off we went...
...of course I smuggled in his favorite movie combination snack... Coke & Raisinettes!   Before we walked in, Matt had to pose with the Optimus Prime display... sigh.

We had a great time...and I won't post any spoilers... but I think we both liked the first two better.  In my opinion, the new girl (replaced Megan Fox) isn't a great actress... (not that Megan was either).  She ran around the war scenes in killer 5 inch heels the whole time with this expression on her face... 
Otherwise, it wasn't a complete bomb of a movie...and being over 2 hours it justified the movie ticket price.  Nice spontaneous date night! :)


  1. That's an awesome surprise! You are a great wife! My husband would be afraid we were about to spend a lot of money if I asked him to meet me at Target. Ha!

  2. how awesome are you! the two of you are too freaking cute!

  3. I haven't seen any of those movies, but I guess I'm not missing much on the 3rd one lol. Glad you had a fun date night though! I wanted to let you know about my cookbook giveaway that is going on right now until July 16th. Stop on by to enter! Hope you are having a great week :)

  4. How sweet of you to surprise Matt! What a gal! :)


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