Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wedding Feature - Afroelle Magazine!

I got a pleasant surprise today when I opened up my e-mail inbox!  Matt and I were chosen as a featured couple in Afroelle Magazine along with our wedding photos...{compliments of Making the Moment Photography}!  I was interviewed a view months ago and pretty much forgot all about it.  This is so exciting to me!!  Now off I go to do a happy dance. lol.

Click on images to read!



  1. Congrats! Loving this. Beautiful photos, again.

  2. that is so awesome Kathy! you and Matt so deserve this! you had a absolutely gorgeous wedding!! Congrats again!

    p.s. I know Tami would be doing a happy dance with us too if she was reading the post!! :)

  3. Wow, what beautiful photos and what a beautiful interview! Some wise and rare values these days... What a great story!
    Thanks for visiting and for linking too! :)

  4. How exciting!!! We're so proud of the two of you! I loved reading the article and your sweet answers to those questions. I love you two so very much!!!! XOXO

  5. Crazy amazing! Wow!
    jamie @ theletter4.blogspot.com

  6. Faith!! I am reading this post!! And I'm TOTALLY DOING A HUGE HAPPY DANCE WITH YOU GUYS!!! SQUEEEE!!!!

    Oh Kath, you so deserve this. Your wedding was epic. Congrats sweets.


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