Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend to-do List

Yay!  I love lists... and I love the weekends... so let's combine them and have me be all giddy with excitement.
Matt and I somehow have another weekend home with no crazy plans so we decided to get some more house stuff done.

1) Clean every single window... inside and out.   This was Matt's master idea Tuesday night.  Not sure where it came from, but if he's motivated to clean I'm jumping on the wagon too.  We have a couple screens that got torn from our lovely hailstorm in May that we'll repair too.

2) Paint the garage floor.  haha... yeah, that's kind of a big deal.  Our cars will have to set up camp on the driveway for 3 days... but we bought the paint on sale last year and I'm getting tired of waiting.

3) Watch Harry Potter!  The lil sister is in town...and I only watch HP with her.  So off we go to see the final movie.  I might cry...I hope I don't... but I practically watch Harry grow up.

4) Install my Ikea purchases.  This is awkward since I didn't actually go to Ikea...Jenny {my sister}did.  And Matt doesn't exactly know that I purchased the lamps I've been eyeing for months.  But I used my he shouldn't be too concerned. hm... I'll let you know how that goes. lol

5) Upholster the Chair.  This is embarrassing.  Remember when we reupholstered our formal dining room chairs.  Well we ran out of fabric and couldn't finish the head chair.  Well, I need to just finish it already.

Ok, that's all then.  Not too bad.  The windows will be intense...but if we start early, they won't be too bad.

Gosh, this post needs a picture. 
Hm... here is a picture of one of the new LED garden lights {I won't bother taking night shots... haha}
and the bouquet I picked the other night from our flower garden! 


  1. Man, you guys are awesome! Your list is great! I bet you guys felt totally refreshed and accomplished.


  2. Got Dayum Girl! YOu two are some productive people! Come do my apartment next!

  3. You two have been very busy with your housework lately! Great job. Hmmm...wonder when we will. Maybe when he decides to stop leaving the state.

  4. geez, you guys are busy bees! i wish i had hubby on the weekends to get some housework done! mucho jealous! :)

  5. I need to get you and Matt on loan one of these weekends. Can't wait to see your new Ikea lights too!! And those flowers... stunning.

  6. Love the bouquet from your garden. Could totally have used those flowers for my wedding bouquet!


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