Thursday, August 4, 2011

Another Jewelry Organizer!

So you all remember my little sister's birthday was a few weeks ago.  Well I had to wait till after to show you this project since it was her birthday present.  After seeing my jewelry organizer she said she wanted one too! {Typical younger sibling expression}.  So, as the sweet older sister that I am...I obliged.

I had picked up this black mirror from a yard sale for $3.  I found out I didn't have a place for it, so told Jenny she could have it next time she was in town.  Then I had this idea.
1) I removed the mirror and painted it white.

2)  I then got sheets of cork board and traced out the bottom half of the mirror.
3) I wrapped the cork in fabric and glued it to the bottom of the mirror using Gorilla glue.
4) Screwed in hooks for bracelets and necklaces.
5) Draped hanging wire across the top for earrings with hooks.
...and voila...

{bahaha... this is how I stalk our backyard neighbors...}
"I see you!!!"
She loves it!! 

Oh... and this is her at the restaurant when she got her birthday sundae.  The sparkler apparently scared her.
ah... that's better. 

hehehe....Love you Jen!
Somewhat Simple


  1. Thanks so much for the jewelry organizer! I was in dire need!! True story.
    Couldn't use a different picture of me with my Birthday Sundae though?? Really?? I know I took one where I was actually smiling!... Rude.

  2. I love this! I have a mirror that looks just like that collecting dust under my bed. Thanks for the idea!

  3. Oh my, I just bought a frame similar and have been looking at it for 3 days...wondering what to do with it!! Thanks for giving me a purpose for my new frame!!!!

  4. You my dear... are so talented! And you KEEP DOING IT!! I've had a jewelry organizer on my to-do list for a looong time now. I just need to get TO IT!

    Beautiful job. And your sister... is darling :)

  5. you are so inspiring! wow, how in the world did you even think to convert that mirror into a jewelry organizer?! how amazing!

  6. Great idea using part mirror and part holder! Love it :D

  7. This is amazing! I love how girlie and and authentic it is :)

  8. JUST thinking of a cute way to display and use my jewelry... and I stumble on your site (from a comment you made at House of Smith about the gallery photo wall). What a great idea and crafty lady you are. :D


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