Friday, August 26, 2011

Ice Ice Baby!

You'll never guess where I bought it from! ...ok maybe you can.
Marked $100
Sold for $80.

I've been needing a deep freezer since I moved in last year.  Especially with my couponing...when meat went on crazy sales I would bang my head on the wall in utter frustration!  Then came strawberry picking season...{bang}, people asking if we want to go in on 1/2 a cow {bang, bang}, frozen juice concentrates on sale {bang}, Frozen pizza on ridiculous clearance {bang...wait... I totally went and bought those anyways}

So you can imagine my delight when I hunted down like it was my job stumbled upon a very clean, rarely used, local freezer for such a steal!   We picked it up last night and set it up in the garage.  {On the amazing newly paint floor!}
Look ma... it's a Kenmore!
The interior was spotless... but I still went ahead and cleaned it out again...just in case. :) 
The previous owners had purchased the freezer in `99 and had it in their basement.  They only had it on when they stocked up on meat 1/2 the year.  So it's really only 6 years old.   Score...score...score.

Now I can transfer the 6 frozen pizzas I  bought the night before in celebration!

As for organizing... Pinterest has my back.

And Jen over at IHeart Organizing has my dream interior freezer...I'm waiting on the storage bins I ordered to arrive!  I may have to get more for in the garage. 


  1. Oh glory day! That's awesome!! *Especially* since you are so into couponing- this really is a necessity. I, like you, bang my head when there are great deals but no where to store the food. D'oh. And $80.00?? Rock is sista!

  2. what a great deal! i think we need a freezer too! just for the days we want to stock up on sale items and we can't!

    and who would have known that the inside of your fridge/freezer could be all decked out with design?! of course, you would! :)

  3. I would love to have a freezer this this. Unfortunately we don't have any room. :(
    You got a great deal and I love your organization!! ;)


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