Monday, August 22, 2011

Lighting Update!

The living room has slowly been going through a transformation which you first saw here.  After the big paint job of white to dark blue walls and DIY butterfly art it was time to work on lighting.
Of course I quickly went to Ikea's website and hunted down the perfect floor lamps to help highlight the lofted ceiling and bring some glow to the room.  Since we don't have an Ikea by us, my lovely lil sis picked them up for me during her lunch break and brought them up over the weekend!  Matt didn't exactly know of this purchase  so I quickly assembled them while he was taking a nap on Saturday.

{NOT floor lamp - $7.99 each}
NOT Floor uplight, black, white Height: 69 " Base diameter: 11 " Shade diameter: 12 " Cord length: 6 ' 3 "  Height: 174 cm Base diameter: 28 cm Shade diameter: 30 cm Cord length: 1.9 m
I love them!!  They fit the room perfectly and for the price...I couldn't pass them up!  My favorite feature is the switch on each lamp.  I have them both plugged into an outlet that his powered by the main room switch.  But if I want one off, each lamp has an attached switch!

Now all we need to do is get the chairs upholstered with the fabric we purchased last year!!  We're almost done!!


  1. Wowza, what an awesome price for those lamps! And they bring such great light to your room. I'm still head over heels in love with that paint color. And the butterfly art. Did you see that they did the same with over on the YHL blog recently? Great minds. Great minds.

  2. it is looking so good! those lamps were such a great price! can't wait to see when you upholster the couch!


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