Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Organizing Wedding Photos {Part 1}

September 4th, 2011 will mark my one year wedding anniversary!  It's crazy how fast time flies!  And in that time I've managed to print off ZERO wedding pictures.  lol.  I know...I should be hanging my head in shame.  But to be honest, the task seemed daunting.  Besides our professional wedding photographer, we had three relatives taking amazing photos through the entire weekend of events.  The engagement ceremony {Kwanjula}, the wedding and the reception.  Not to mention all the family get-togethers in between at my parents house...oh...and the honeymoon.  We Ugandans take our celebrating...very... seriously. :)

So since I'm knee deep in pictures anyway with the gallery wall, I figured why not just print all the wedding photos too.  Then I decided I'll put them in albums during our road trip to Kitty Hawk, NC for our anniversary {and a friend's wedding!}.  Sweet... sounds like a plan!!

Step 1 - Sending Pics for printing
My one cousin sent me four cds of pictures that she took during our wedding weekend.  By far the most pictures we've received for anyone!  They're gorgeous too! I already went to Target and got 206 prints {with coupons of course...haha}.  I'm currently uploading 286 to send in...and I still have 2 other disks!  Yeah.  After those upload I'll send in the rest I have from Brett {Pro photog} and my uncles.  :)

Some of my favorites...
Some of my bridesmaids before the Kwanjula
My absolute favorite ceremony picture!
Dancing with my dad
Relaxing honeymoon...Jamaica style! 
Step 2 - Organizing
I'm one of those weird people who needs things to be in order of occurrence.  So after all the pictures are printed from each source, I'm going to sit down and put them all in order from start to finish.

Step 3 - Storing 
I decided to order these Kleer-Vu photo albums from Amazon.  They were on sale for $16 a piece and hold 500 pictures!!  Perfect.  I'll take 3.
Kleer-Vu Photo / hand Crated Bonded Leather Collection, Holds 500 4" x 6" Photos, 5 Per Page. Color: Brown.
I also invested in an external hard-drive to store digital copies!  Now I'll have disks, hard-copy and prints!

Step 4 - Order Photo Books for the Parents
I meant to get this done... last year.  Again, the overwhelming factor kicked in.  But I have no excuse now... they will get ordered in September!

So there you have it...a clean and concise 4-step plan to get our memories displayed and locked away safely.
{sigh...I'm tired all of a sudden.}


  1. i have to do the same thing! i have been procrasting for so long ... i promise that come November i will have it all done ... giving myself two years to have completed it!

    thanks for the link ... i will have to order the photo album as well!! :)

    oh and those photo books that i have yet to give to my parents, ugh, ugh, ugh! the lists never gets completed!

  2. I'm big about having things in the order of occurence too! It took me a while to finally get started on ours too. It's overwhelming. I ended up weeding down the disc that the photographer sent and putting them into folders on my flash driver for Pre Ceremony, Ceremony, Reception and Group Shots. Then, I used those to select favorites for my photo album which was a photo book I made myself. I did not print them all out. Happy Picture organizing!!

  3. I'm with Faith- I've not printed ANY photos from our April 2010 wedding. I did make photo books for our parents for Xmas, but that's as far as it goes.

    Good for you for being on top of it!!

  4. Congrats on your 1 year! I love your wedding photos- and Jamaica must have been fabulous. I might be blind but I've been trying to figure out how to follow your blog and I don't see where to click- am I totally missing it?

  5. Rochelle, You can follow at the very tippy top of the page.. it's a clear bar above the blog name. :) Thanks for all the comments!!


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