Monday, August 1, 2011


Wanna know about my new obsession?
And you better believe our garage rehaul project will include this amazingness I found on there.  I'm itching to make it...just waiting for Matt  to be free so that he can supervise me on the saws.  :)  We actually have a pile of pallets that we were saving for firewood, but this is more fun!   Great way to carrel all the work shoes and flip flops!

Status update on this past weekends projects?
1) Windows were cleaned...the difference is amazing! haha... who would have thought.  At least we got to use up all the stored up newspapers laying around.
2) Well the garage is completely cleared out and floors are drying from the power wash.  We hope to paint it this week if it's dry enough.   Word has it we may paint the walls too!  hehe.
3) Harry Potter was AMAZING... I actually cried at the end...and no, I'm not ashamed. :)
4) The Ikea lamps are up and look great!  Still working on the frames and my collage project... stay tuned!
5) Boo to me... forgot about the chair!


  1. Umm, why are we not following each other on Pinterest?? This is a tragedy that we must remedy immediately! I'm listed under: Tami Charly (avoiding stalkers :)

    And I just adore your shoe rack idea! I've been saving this project in my DIY folder for a while now. Cute, no?!


  2. Next time I'm on I'm stalking you down Tams. lol Love that shoe rack you're planning on too!!

  3. what is this obsession with pinterest? everyone in blog land is obsessed. anywho, i love the picture, great idea!

    my co-worker cried as well ... i never got into HP but i bet i am going to get into it once everyone is out of it, haha.

  4. Pintest is soooo awesome! I opened an account for work, but I now use it for personal stuff. I'm obsessed!!!


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