Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What I'm up to!

Things have been a bit hectic this week already. We have a lot on in-house projects stacked up that we're trying to get done one at a time.  Meaning, they aren't costing us a cent since we got all the supplies a long time ago.

Because Matt's motorcycle has to stay inside the garage, he was only able to paint half the floor.  He's painting the other half tonight and hopefully I'll catch a few pics of it as I'm cleaning up the house.  I'd like to paint a fresh white coat on all the walls too.  We got hooks for our bicycles and I still plan on making that shoe rack I saw on Pinterest.  And how awesome is this recycling station?!  We're totally doing it!
Shoe rack
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Furniture Painting
Remember when I purchased that wine cabinet on Craigslist?  Well I need to paint it black.  I wanted to wait for the garage floor to be finished...get a nice drop cloth and bust that out.  The console table in the entry way needs a fresh coat of black as well...and a rocking chair we store for free from Matt's parents.  haha... I have a lot of sanding and painting to do. 
Picture Collage
I've always wanted a picture collage somewhere in our home.  I've decided to make one on the wall going up our stairs.   I got a bunch of frames from Ikea and I finally developed some pictures from our wedding.  No excuses now.  : )  Here is some inspiration. 

I love the personalized letter in this one

I like to use of color on this one

What I wouldn't give for a curved stairwell

Stay tuned!!  I also have some goodies to show you from a day of awesome yard sale hunting! 


  1. I love gallery walls that go up a staircase! I also amy drying to see how your shoe rack comes out. I just know its going to be all sorts of awesome. I've been wanting to paint our garage floor so anxious to hear all the steps and products you used. So many fun things to look forward to!!!!

  2. I love that gallery idea. I too have been slacking on getting some pics up in our house.

  3. i have been collecting frames to do a gallery wall up our stairs as well! can't wait to have that done! can't wait to see yours!


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