Monday, September 12, 2011

And We're Back! {Vacay Recap}

Wow... it's great to be back!  Vacation in Kitty Hawk, NC {OuterBanks} was exactly what Matt and I needed... and the fact that we were on the beach pretty much made it absolutely amazing. :)  Matt's friend actually got married on the beach a couple houses down from us on Sunday, September 4th!  {<--yup!  We share an anniversary now!}  The wedding was absolutely gorgeous!  I didn't take my camera down to the you'll have to take my word for it!  :)

We shared a huge beach house with some of Matt's friends... here are some shots from the upper balcony just off our room.  Literally...we were on the beach!
 {Josh C.}
{Me and my amazing cup of Mc.D's Sweet Tea}
We decided to hit up Dirty Dick's Crab House for dinner one night.  The boys indulged themselves with all-you-can-eat crab legs... I chose the surf in turf mainly for the steak.  I did dabble in the crab cake and shrimp too.
{Yummy Pina Coladas!}
{My plate!}

 6 baskets of crab later...
 We also did some beach  time each day... 

 Everyone left Wednesday morning, so Matt and I had the house to ourselves for two days.  It was nice to just veg around watching movies and walking up and down the beach looking for seashells.  The one night I made Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Tacos using the crockpot.  {Yes, I brought my mini crockpot with us on vacation! lol} They were super yummy!   I used this recipe and just shredded the chicken for tacos.
 We made a day trip over to the town of Duck to check out the scene.  Lots of shops and we kept finding these painted horses everywhere...
 Earlier in the week we found this frozen yogurt place called Sweet Frog... it's  basically a buffet with endless toppings where you pay by the ounce... it was love at first site!   Can you guess whose cup is whose?
We left early Friday morning and I realized we hadn't taken any sunrise shots or shots together on the beach... so I did both. lol.
 Will we go back...definitely.

Thank you for all the well wishes on our anniversary and vacation.
Special thanks to Tami and Faith for your amazing guest blog posts!!  Thank you!!!


  1. Isn't it just beautiful over there? Adam and I spent many a weekend over on the Outter Banks. Actually, you weren't far from where Adam proposed to me! Right out on our own private dunes. [bliss].

    So glad you guys had so much fun. Certainly a fab way to spend your 1st anniversary!! And that frozen yogurt with all the toppings? We have one 4 blocks from our place. Do I even need to mention that I have a "frequent flyer" card? haha.

  2. What a fun trip and so cool that you got the last two days to yourselves. You brought your crock pot! Don't even get me started on how icky it is to watch crabs get pulled apart and eaten. Eeew!

  3. Kathy, that sounds like an amazing vacation! How fabulous to be right on the beach!! I've heard that area is great to visit......I'll have add it to my ever-growing list! I'm very impressed that you brought your crock pot and cooked on vaca!

  4. OMG, looks like such a fun time! I want to be on the beach too!!! :)

    I know that the chocolate filled frozen yogurt cup was all Matt, hehe.

    Loved all the pictures!!! And you are very welcomed, the pleasure was all mine!!


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