Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Beach Wedding Reception

I got some pictures from the wedding we attended a couple weeks ago.  They're a little grainy because they are from a cell phone camera... but you get the idea of how gorgeous the decor was!

The head table was decorated with vases of varying heights and shapes.  Gorgeous live flowers and starfish were strewed everywhere!
 The place settings were so elegant with either a flower or starfish
 The gorgeous wedding cake!
 Another table shot!
Matt and I waiting on the pier during cocktail hour.

...Gosh I wish we could go back tomorrow!


  1. so pretty! i love all the attention to details! and you and Matt are looking lovey dovey over there!! hehe :)

  2. So stunning! Then again, I'm kinda partial to beach weddings :)

    Looks like the bride did an amazing job pulling everything together.


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