Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The "Green" Initiative

It's no secret that our society is constantly trying to go "green" with new products, clothing and just overall living. When Matt and I bought our house in 2009 we both agreed that we would try and go as green  as we could.  That meant conserving water, energy and waste.   Here are some of the ways we're keeping to our agreement...or starting to at least!

1) Programmed Thermostat: This was Matt's little project.  He installed a programmable thermostat that allows us to make schedules through the week.  So when we're not home {or sleeping} it stays at a minimum (hot or cool) then kicks on just as we come home.  It even has a vacation setting!!  I'm still learning how to work it! lol  What's great about it is that it conserves energy and saves us money!

2) Rain Collection Apparatus: That's big words for "Rain Barrel" haha.  Seriously, this was my favorite go green  project!  It took a year to actually complete... but in the end we no longer use our hose on the garden...just pure natural rain water!

3) Composting Goodness: This was a messy one.  We made a compost bin that we store behind our shed.  It was super easy to start...and it's working really well!  Thing's full!  For those few weeks we were collecting scraps of food and other house items we really didn't have any trash to put at the curb!  It was fantastic!... but now it's full.  So far it probably needs a couple more weeks till it's ready for use.  At that time we'll be gearing up for real fall weather.  We'll most likely pour the compost on the veggie garden and surrounding beds so that by spring the soil is ready for seeding!  We're still not sure if we want to do a second bin... in my opinion it would make the back look cluttered...but we'll see after we build the second box garden! {I'm getting ahead of myself}

4) Homegrown Eats:  Yum to the extreme.  I'm a veggie lover to the max!  Don't get me wrong... I do enjoy the regular cut of beef... but there's nothing like going outside to pick a red tomato...slice it up with some salt & pepper and eating to my hearts content!   This past spring, Matt built me a garden box and with his dad's help planted a veggie garden!   Since July we've been harvesting fresh herbs, tomatoes, onions and peppers!  I told him next year I wanted another box so that I could plant green beans, cucumbers and zucchini!

5) Reuse or Recycle: I have a hard time throwing things away.  Especially if I know I can reuse it somewhere else.  You may remember the wire wreath I made out of the extra hangers Matt was bringing home with his uniforms.  Since then he's been taking the hangers back to the company so that they can reuse them. :)
In the same sense Goodwill has become a frequent drop spot for old clothes...
and even 29 pairs of my shoes... 
As for recycling... our city doesn't have a separate recycle pick up route.  They claim to separate the trash on site...but I'm not to sure about that.  They do have recycle pick-up locations all around town, so Matt and I decided we would start sorting ourselves.  Our plan is to build this station in our garage.  It'll have to wait till we get back from vacation... but it's on the list of to-dos! 
So there you have it... our green initiative is growing!  Hopefully in the future we can focus on energy use inside the house and water consumption.  Any of you have some tips, ideas or want to share your green movement?!  Would love to hear about it! 


  1. Good for you Kath!! Love all your ideas, and I you've inspired me to add that great recycling station in our garage! What a great idea!! I just wish I could grow veggies like I used to. We get almost zero sun on our patio. Talk about a bummer!

  2. LOVE the green steps you guys took and especially LOVE your neutral rain barrel with the plants! And I definitely NEED to plant a garden next year!!!

  3. Thanks for the idea of the recycling bins! :-)

  4. you are incredible! i need to incorporate some of these things in my life! i'm hoping for the homegrown eats next Spring!

  5. Good for you! Such good ideas and your garden looks fab!


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