Thursday, September 8, 2011

Guest Blogger - Tami

As stated before... Matt and I are enjoying an East Coast vacation so I'm leaving you all in good hands with a couple guest posts!  Earlier this week {Monday} my PW friend Faith discussed important aspects of marriage... now I'm honored to invite another PW friend, Tami!  She has a lovely blog called The Tami-licious Life!  Be sure to check it out her fun posts on life with her pets, hubby and beach pad on the coast of Cali!  Seriously...heart her!
Miss you all!  And without further ado...

Hi there [waving ferociously]! My name is Tami and I'm a huge fan of Kathy [and her blog]. So needless to say, I was beyond tickled when she asked me to guest post while she and her husband are off celebrating their first year of marriage. A true honor indeed...

On the heels of Faith’s *amazing* post about the important ingredients of the first year of marriage, I thought it might be fun to explore some outside-of- the-box ideas on traditional wedding anniversary gifts. You know the tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific anniversary year [click HERE if your answer was no]? I think it’s a super fun tradition but lots of people tend to shy away from it because the categories are seemingly so limited. But I’m here to show you that’s not so!

I know that finding the perfect gift for my husband is quite challenging [he's a no-frills kinda guy]. And anniversary gifts are even more involved because I want to make sure that it is not only unique and something that he'll adore, but also that it really celebrates us as a couple too. Because after all, that's what it's all about, right? Below I took the first five traditional wedding anniversary gifts [paper, cotton, leather, silk / linen, & wood] and put a fun twist on them. Even if something isn’t exactly your husband’s cup-o-tea, hopefully the ideas behind them will inspire you to find the perfect gift for him on your next anniversary. But watch out, this ain’t yo gramma’s gift list!

1st Anniversary: Paper
Traditional: Stationary or tickets are usually how “paper” gifts manifest on the first year.

Tami-licious Idea:  What about really wow-ing him [and maybe making  him tear up a little] with some of your deepest and most heartfelt memories with the What I Love About You book. The questions and fill-in blanks prompt you to write what’s in your heart, but what you may not always say out loud. It covers topics from your first date, to why you fell in love with him, to your hopes of your future together. I did this for my husband on our 1st anniversary, and it was a huge hit. We had so much fun reading and reminiscing together- and we’ll  keep going back to it as an amazing chronicle of our love. (Cost= $11.19)

2nd: Cotton
Traditional:  Cotton robes, fuzzy blankets, or some clothing are typically given for the “cotton “anniversary.

Tami-licious Idea: Cotton isn't so boring if it takes the form of a hammock [preferably one of those double sized ones]. Not only will your husband of two years adore you even more, but you will get some serious cuddle-time out of the deal too! Your lawn may never get mowed again, but he’ll love you for it. (Cost= $100-$150)

3rd: Leather
Traditional: Boots and wallets are usually the go-to item for the “leather” gift anniversary.

Tami-licious Idea: This amazing little Etsy shop called Radcow has the perfect solution for a leather gift that is thoughtful *and* masculine. Have a custom leather letter belt made for your honey! Now, I’m not advocating you to spell out a lovey-dovey message on it [because no matter how much my husband loves me- he would not be caught dead wearing that around]. However a cryptic message that only the two of you understand would look really cool and be crazy meaningful. Or you could put the longitude & latitude of the place where you married. The possibilities are endless really. I just love how unique, sweet, and manly this is. (Cost= $65.00)

4th: Linen & Silk
Traditional: I’ll give you one guess what most guys get their wives for the “silk” anniversary! [haha].

Tami-licious Idea: I’m positive that there is nothing made of silk or linen that my husband would like. So I’m going to take a leap here… to NYLON! Yip. I officially just changed the 4th anniversary gift to nylon. Because I’m not sure there would be anything more memorable or romantic than taking a hot air balloon ride on your 4th anniversary. In my area you can find private rides that last a few hours and include a bottle of bubbly. Can you imagine? Bliss. (Cost= $300)

5th: Wood
Traditional: Things like engraved wooden boxes and such are poplar [haha. sorry, I couldn't resist] for the “wood” anniversary.  

Tami-licious Idea: What about taking this literally? Wisk that man-o-yours off to the forest for a romantic getaway! Most areas of the US have wooded areas [here in CA we have the Redwood Forest, in the North East there are the White Mountains, in North Carolina the Smokies, the mid-west has the Rockies, etc]. You can usually find amazing deals on little cabins on My husband and I did this exact thing this year for our 1st year anniversary [we apparently skipped 4 years ahead] and you can see HERE what an amazingly romantic time we had. Its adventures like this that will give you memories to look back on forever. (Cost= $100-$400)

It is important to keep in mind that celebrating your anniversary isn’t all about what gifts you give each other, it’s about celebrating the love you have with one another. That is what should take center stage no matter what [the gifts are only like the fun little sideshow]. And remember, not all gifts have to cost an arm and a leg either. Sometimes the perfect card speaks volumes. And on that note, I wish Kathy and Matt the happiest and loveliest of anniversaries! All my love to you guys!

Please share any great ideas for amazing and fun anniversary gifts! I know I'm coming up on year #2 in April and I'm not quite sure a hammock would fit on our patio! Eeps!


  1. Those are all great ideas! I like the first and last the best!

  2. Awww, thanks Kath! So honored to have posted on your wonderful little blog. Hope you and Matt are having a SPECTACULAR 1st anniversary celebration!

  3. she is so creative! love her ideas ... seriously wish we had room for a hammock!!!


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