Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Inevitable Cleaning Schedule

I'm so ashamed.
My house is a freaking mess right now.  Like...bad news bears bad.
I have a couple excuses though.
1) I have school every Monday night
2) I teach a class at my church every Wednesday night
3) We just got back from a week long vacation and still unpacking slowly...
4) I never made a cleaning schedule!

...that last point should be a red flag because as crazy anal as I am with organization and just plain cleanliness, this matter should have been handled a year ago!  {Hangs head in shame} Usually I can count of weekend visitors to get my butt into gear, but we're not hosting for some time. So, I have no more excuses.  I'm going to attempt a cleaning schedule for our home and try to incorporate Matt into it. lol.  We'll see how that goes.  To give myself some credit I have been researching the best possible method to the madness for awhile now.  I think I found what works for us.  Being that we both work full days and have activities some evenings, it makes things difficult...and we don't even have kids yet!! {sheesh!}

So here's the tentative schedule:

Of course in between all this I need to make time to get my list of outdoor projects completed before the weather gets cold!  The key to keeping to this schedule is having it clearly posted!  That's when I turned to Ashli over at Maillardville Manor... {love her blog!}.  She found this great Mead flip folder at Target that had a magnetic strip to allow it to sit perfectly on a fridge!  I'm off to find it!  Once I do... I'll put our schedule on front, our weekly menu on the second page...and a calendar on the third!
So there you have it!  The schedule begins next week!  Anyone else have a cleaning schedule established in their home?  Care to share?

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  1. Way to go Kathy! I think you have officially surpassed me as being more organized. I've actually thought of doing this as my lovely husband tends to conveniently "forget" his chores and I think a real list (that is visible) might really help him. Or so I can hope right?

    *The one benefit for me having smaller home, means there is far less to clean! haha

  2. I just do everything I'm going to do in one day. It takes about 3 hours if I'm doing it all but I don't want to clean every day. Heck, I don't want to clean period but I haven't found a solution for that one.

  3. if i told you that i had a cleaning schedule and a weekly menu, would you believe me?! haha.

    i love that thing from Target! it would look a lot better on the fridge instead of the computer paper i use, haha.

  4. I'd always wanted to make one of these, and you just made it for me. Thanks!

  5. Kudos to you for making a schedule! I have a schedule, but I just ignore it, ha ha! :)
    I REALLY love that fridge thing! That's totally awesome!

  6. WOW! Good idea! Maybe a cleaning schedule would be a good thing for me as well. I do a little every day though, between babysitting and all the other craziness that goes on around here LOL


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