Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shelving the Situation

The office got its much needed upgrade... and for once I can say that I think it's done...for awhile at least. :) 
The issue I had with the space was the lack of shelving options.  I wanted a place to store books we didn't  use on a daily basis, but out of the way enough as to not seem cluttered.   That's when the idea popped in my end to put shelves up high... like above the window high!

So here is the space above the side windows before:

And the afterWe then installed Fabian bookshelves from Ikea... two on each window!
I even purchased 3 sets of Kassett Magazine files for all the magazines we keep as inspiration sources! 
...and the other side.

Now we have a place to store our how-to books/reference... and the cds we never listen to anymore. lol  That'll be another project all in itself.  I still need to locate the box that contained all of my books!  

On a side note I took this time to also snap a shot of my new house slippers.  I love them!  They're so comfy with the faux fur lining and functional with gripper rubber soles!  LOVE!  hehe...{Every shoe gets love in my house}


  1. Love the idea of storage that is UP HIGH. Such a good idea to added much needed function to a small space. We still have all our (10+ boxes of books packed up in boxes. Ugg).

    And I LOVE the house slippers! They look so comfy!

  2. Speaking of which-we need a bookshelf. Like the way the shelf is high storage so as not to clutter.

  3. i'm like Tami ...all of our books are in boxes in the basement right now ... i have been on the lookout for the perfect bookcase ... i like the idea of it being up high since we have a smaller house. something i can look into!

  4. LOL my favorite part about this post was your cute little "love" for your slippers :)


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