Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A-to-Z All About Me!

Ashley, over at Design Build Love recently hit a blogging milestone and celebrated with an all-about-me post that I found to be super cute!  Her and her hubby have a great blog, that I seriously enjoy stalking following! hehe.. Be sure to check them out!

So here's a bit about me!

A. age :: 27...but looking at 28 in about 3 months!

B. bed size :: King

C. chore you hate :: dishes.  I seriously can't stand them piled up, and no matter how much you do, there's always more!
D. “do’s” :: movies, camping, get-togethers of any kind, cooking (if I have the time!), decorating and crafting!
E. essential start to your day :: ridiculously hot shower and a vitamin. lol, I'm not much of a morning person.
F. favorite color :: blue...and maybe light green
G. gold or silver :: silver...unless the gold is white gold. lol
H. height :: 5’3″ well, really 5'2 3/4"... but I round.
I. instruments you play :: I played the flute from 4th grade through high school.  Yes, I was in the marching band. :)
J. job title :: wife, daughter, friend, MBA grad student, chemist
K. kids :: one is a cooking!...due to arrive May 8th!
L. live :: Cleveland, OH... we're Browns fans!

M. maiden name :: starts with a "K"!
N. nicknames :: hm... I have a couple of weird ones.  Matt calls me "Pinky".. short for "Pinks Tuna Light", his family calls me "Rosco", 
O. overnight hospital stays :: none.
P. pet peeve :: slow/bad drivers, when people say the same joke over and over, clutter/disorganization, rudeness (especially from kids towards their parents), slow service (lol)
Q. quote :: “If God brings you to it, He will bring  you through it"
R. righty or lefty :: righty
S. siblings :: One younger sis.. Jen
Engagement Ceremony Recap photo 27
T. time you wake up :: Between 5:30 and 6am on the weekdays.. and it varies on the weekends.
U. university attended :: Miami University - Oxford, OH
V. vegetables you dislike: water chestnuts...yuck.  Olives.  I'll only eat the sliced black ones on a pizza or in a dip.
W. what makes you run late :: stupid clock and its inability to freeze time.
X. x-rays you’ve had :: my back after an accident..and teeth during routine dental exam.
Y. yummy food :: Anything ethnic and/or authentic.  Fruits. 
Z. zoo animal favorite :: I haven't been to the zoo since I was in elementary school.  But I did like the monkeys.

Try this out if you get a chance and let me know!  Would love to learn more about you!


  1. i love this! i just might take a break from my Miami recap to do this! :)

  2. p.s. very jealous of your king bed.

  3. Oh Faith.. no more new shoes till you get a King bed! It's vital for a happy marriage!

  4. Yeah, we love our King. Even though I tried to fight it 'cause I didn't want to spend the money. I'm a white gold or silver person too, like my mom.

  5. oh... rude kids! Yikes... I totally agree... what happened to manners anyways? :( LOVE this and still super excited about the bun in the oven! oh yea... and the nicknames... gotta know the stories behind those! They are awesome!!! :)

  6. My fav: "what makes you run late :: stupid clock and its inability to freeze time" LOL!

    Hey it's nice to discover more things we have in common. I'm petite too (5'3)! And I'm looking at MBA programs to get into next year. :-)

  7. I 2nd that! A king bed is a MUST! :)

  8. Love this this :) And love you! And I can't wait to meet your babyyyy!!!!

  9. WOW, "k" is very much so my favorite letter of the alphabet on this list!!!! I'm so excited to be Auntie again. Love to you and Matt xoxo


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