Friday, December 16, 2011

19 week Bump Update

Finally up-to-date with these... lets hope I can keep it up! 

How Far Along? 19 weeks 6 days
Size of Baby? About 6 inches... the size of a large heirloom  tomato
Maternity Clothes? Had to go shopping this past weekend for another pair of maternity jeans! 
Stretch Marks? None! 
Sleep? What's that?...I'm a belly sleeper and now I have to adjust to a new position which isn't going so hot.
Food Cravings? Ethnic food anyone?...and still fruit!
What I Miss: Being able to bend over to put on socks without sitting down...or panting.
What I'm Looking Forward To: Starting on the nursery!
Symptoms?  Just the lower back pain...and a lack of 1/2 my brain.
Movement?  Yes...and getting more frequent each day.
Belly Button In or Out? Still looks the same to me.
Labor Signs? Nope!
Best Moment of the Week? I started noticing the baby kick more after eating/drinking certain things... so that's been fun to initiate. :)
Weekly Wisdom: "My bladder is weak acts full all the time but its all lies!"


  1. Aw, how fun getting to feel your baby kick! one of my sisters is 10 years younger than me and when my mom was pregnant, I loved feeling her belly and feeling my sister kicking - so fun!

  2. Beautiful Baby Bump! You are almost to the 20 week anatomy scan appt. Are you going to find out the gender or be surprised at birth?

  3. Oh yeah, bump updates are so fun. You are looking good mama. The end is near.

  4. @ Amy...we already had the scan and opted not to find out! we're going for a surprise!

  5. my hubby would love you! he wanted to be surprised too but i just couldn't wait. i just had to know!

  6. You are glowing! Wow, so awesome to say that to you! But you are looking amazing!

    how exciting that you are feeling the kicks. that is so fun!

    can't wait to know what you are having! :)


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