Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Blog Facelift!

The blog was due for a much needed rehab.  A lot of things have been changing in terms of our growing family and direction of a lot of our projects.  We're pretty much done with the initial work on our house and now it's a matter of upgrading. :)
Here is a look at our old header...

I wanted the new header to still have the same theme... but include baby C and the focus of our family and life as we adjust... I really like the new look!
Well see where the new change takes us!  You all willing to ride along?!  :)


  1. YAY, I love it!

    I've been thinking of a facelift myself! Maybe the new year?

  2. I love the new look! Much brighter looking.

  3. Love the new look, so appropriate. I like the baby carriage and the fact that you are black and Matt is grey, so creative


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