Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chalkin' up a new project

After the china cabinet stressful as it was... Matt told me no more for the rest of the pregnancy.  Yeah, he was kidding.  I mean... seriously?!  Did he really think I wouldn't attempt any DIY projects for the next 4 months?!   Silly man...
So I have to share this idea I have for a piece of nursery furniture.  It involves spray paint... chalkboard paint... my full face respirator (safety first) and uber amounts of excitement from my end! haha.
So my blog friend Ashley over at Design Build Love tackled a furniture makeover back in the day that had my juices flowing.  She had an old octagonal side table that she painted silver and topped with coat of chalkboard paint to make it more functional..and super funky!  I absolutely love it!



So where does my project come into play?, you may ask... 
Well I have the same table!  No joke... the previous owners actually left it behind for us if we wanted it.  I just threw it in the corner of one of the bedrooms and forgot about it.'s about to get a facelift! 
It's for the nursery, so color-wise I'm thinking glossy Yellow... with black chalkboard paint.   That way lil C can grow up using it as a crafty table to show off some serious art skills!

Of course... I"ll be using Krylon products. :)
The plan is to get this done over Christmas break... so stay tuned!


  1. can't wait to see! i know it is going to be amazing!

  2. thanks for featuring my table Kathy! I CANNOT wait to see your version! :) Your table will totally grow with your baby!!!

  3. oh ya... I'm having a giveaway ending tomorrow! You should enter to try to snag some decor for your nursery!!! :)


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