Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Traditions

Matt and I will be celebrating our second Christmas together as husband and wife, so it's the true test of whether or not we've established any new lasting traditions. :)

I posted last year on all the newness we went through together...
- waking up before 7am to open gifts (Matt's thing... )
- Big mugs of hot cocoa
- Opening stockings (This was brand new to me...and I loved it!)
- Reading the Christmas story for the Bible
- Opening gifts and then heading to our parent's house.

This year we'll be going to his parents house for Christmas... so we may have to adjust some of our traditions.  As in... I won't be waking up at the butt-crack of dawn! (Amen!!)

But the rest can stay for sure!

What are your  Christmas traditions?  I'd love to hear about them... who knows...we may add some new ones!   Any of you planning on traveling?


  1. I love Christmas traditions. We always watch Christmas Vacation and look at lights. =)

  2. Enjoy developing those family traditions. Honestly I want to develop more traditions for our family, but we usually are traveling so it gets tricky.
    We do a lot of movies and stories, including the birth of Jesus.

  3. in the morning we look for santa's boot prints and his thank you letter, open pressies and stockings, drink cocoa and have a light breakfast. chill, then i cook, we get dressed up, take photos, eat and relax for 2 days afterwards!


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