Monday, December 5, 2011

Gender Poll!

Don't forget to put your vote in on whether you think Matt and I are having a bouncing baby boy or girl! 
You'll find out the same time we do... when our lil "cricket" is born in May! 


  1. but i'm always wrong ... haha, so you'll have a gorgeous baby girl!

  2. haha... sounds good to me. I'm feeling girl these days.

  3. I recently put a poll up for Embry too!

    I voted girl!

  4. I voted girl. I have this theory (based on my friends) that 90% of the woman that I know (and I consider that I know you ;)) who conceived in 2011 had girls. I now have 20 woman who gave birth in the last month or are pregnant - 18 girls and 2 boys. So we'll see come May

  5. I voted boy too. But... I'm not typically very accurate with this stuff.


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