Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pets and Pregnancy

We don't have any pets.  Matt desperately wants a dog, but we had to put that on hold while we wait on "cricket" to arrive.  Until then, we live vicariously through our friend's pets.  Actually I've never had a pet growing up (just a lot of fish) so I don't really have that animal bond instinct. It's like all dogs and cats know this as soon as they see/smell me...and we just mind our own business.  (Works for both parties)

Well since news of the baby... all pets have been "different" towards me.  In particular, the dogs.  They tend to flock to me, stare (very intently), follow me around and even go as far as to lay their head on my lap and nudge my belly.  Yes... actually contact. lol.  At first I just brushed it off, but this past weekend it got even weirder.

We went for a Christmas party at our friends' place and their dog, normally a hyper and playful lil guy...acted completely subdued.  By the end of the night he had decided he would set up residence on my lap.  What killed me was when Matt would try to rub my leg... Riley would start to show his teeth in protection.  Seriously.. I think he sensed the baby and made it his duty to protect us for the night.  It was so amusing to me.
Oh yeah... and I totally have a picture...

But what do you all think?  Do animals... especially dogs, have a sixth sense about these things?


  1. omg! i really think so! my friend Stacy said the same thing about her cat and other people's pets. they were either always following her or trying to protect her. it is amazing to me that animals sense these things! hmm, i wonder what my little Fella is going to do when i get preggo, haha.

    cute picture too! :)

  2. That's so interesting. I'm not a pet person at all but dogs are quite amazing creatures and I believe they can sense things. I mean, they can sniff out drugs and are aware of things that people aren't...of course they can sniff out a baby!! LOL

  3. That picture is priceless. You cosy on your lap. I read that dogs have the sixth sense when it comes to spoting pregnant women.

    P.S: I got your comment on the cloth diapering. I decided to use cloth diapers, but I am also using disposables because some friends bought us a pack and since then we are using dispo and cloth until all my dispo patch finish. I will write a recap on the experience as soon as I receive all the type of cloth diapers I am going to use.

    Stay tuned :)!

  4. Thats crazy! I really do think dogs have a sixth sense when it comes to certain things. cute picture by the way. Lol Looks like your hubby had pretty much surrendered by the time the pic was snapped!

  5. I seriously think you need a dog. Just sayin' :)


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