Monday, January 23, 2012

January task tackle!

I posted the other week my plans for each month leading up to the baby being born.  Well so far January is almost on schedule.  We really only have one more weekend... and believe me, we want to make the most out of it.
  • Repair and replace damaged window screens (from the hail storm last summer)
  • Drop off recycling...yup, the recycle bins we made are full!! 
  • Inspect and replace smoke detectors.  
  • Get board and batten installed in nursery

This past weekend Matt was called into work, so I decided to try and be productive and get some things done around the house in his absence.  At first I thought I was snowed in since we had gotten an additional 3 inches that night, but our awesome neighbor came by and plowed our entire driveway! 
(No excuses now! haha)  Well I bundled up and got all our window screens packed into the Civic and headed over the Ace Hardware.   They measured all the screens, had me pick out the replacement material and gave me a quote.  They should be done in a few days!

I was going to drop off the recycling, but realized the bins close by only take different colors of glass.  Hm... need to research other drop locations. 

The smoke detectors are priority in my pre-nesting phase.  The ones we have now are hardwired into the entire house and we had a night a couple months ago where they all started going off.  Not the subtle "chirp" sound for a battery change... but full out fire alarm!  Yeah, not something you want to deal with at 2am.  Anywho, turns out they need to be replaced because they've reached their max.  So I did some research and we decided on this brand: Kidde KN-SMFM-i Silhouette Hardware Low Profile Smoke Alarm   We both liked it because of the sleek flat design and the fact that the back-up battery is a built-in self-recharging lithium ion.  So we don't have to worry about changing anything for 10 years!  (Sign us up!).  They're being ordered and will be installed as soon as they arrive! 
Kidde KN-SMFM-i Silhouette Hardwire Low Profile Smoke Alarm Kidde KN-SMFM-i Silhouette Hardwire Low Profile Smoke Alarm
I ended up adding two other tasks to the list of completing them: 

  • Replace travel module in garage door. 
  • Organize garage shelf
Yup... I replaced the motor of our garage door opener.  We were having issues with it not wanting to be programmed to go up or down, so the company sent us a new part.  Since Matt was working I figured I would attempt while their was daylight.  Turns out it wasn't all that hard once I got elbow deep in wires, circuit boards and some kind of lubricating grease.   Ha.  Matt was speechless when he came home and the door was completely reprogrammed and working like a dream!  :) 

Since I was already out there I also got some cheap plastic baskets from the Dollar Tree and organized the garage storage shelf.  I'll have to get some pics together once the labels are done. 
Sorry I didn't have any real pics for this post.  I was going a hundred miles an hour and majority of the time my hands were covered in grease!   Will definitely try better next time! 

Hope everyone had a productive weekend! 

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  1. Go girl! You've been busy! Way to go getting so much done on your list. =)


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