Thursday, January 12, 2012

Officially iPhoned...

Finally got rid of my flip phone and upgraded to the iPhone 4. (in white)

Actually, the whole family did. lol  We decided to do one huge family plan (...which I totally recommend to anyone wanting to keep the cost down!)  I couldn't believe how pricey these phones were until after our first week.  It's a computer.  It's a mini computer that I can keep in my purse and use anywhere at any time!  And don't even get me started on the apps!  I still have a lot more research to do on new ones to install but so far I'm loving these ones:

{Words with Friends}: Basically scrabble... that I can play with other iPhone friends or through facebook.

{Netflix}: We're subscribed for streaming online through our Wii...but we're able to watch movies and shows on our iPhone now..anywhere!

{Pinterest}:...nuff said. :)

{AroundMe}: basically like google maps.  It locates different places around you... like stores, gas stations, banks..etc.

{SoundHound}: Ever hear a song and don't know who sings it?  You can either have this app listen to the song playing...just hold it up to the speaker.  Or  you can hum or sing to it.  Seriously.. Then it searches and gets you the names of the song, artist, lyrics and a link to download!

{Bump}: This is an app that lets you share anything with someone else's iPhone just by bumping them together..literally... they have to have the app too.  (pics, videos, contacts..etc)

{Total Baby}: This is a full baby scheduler... already in love with it and baby isn't even here yet lol. Yeah... the baby has their own scheduler!  Are you really surprised?!

{ShopSavvy}: A barcode reader!  Great for couponing because it tells you where an item is being sold locally (or online) and price compares!

What are some of your favorite apps?!


  1. that is sooo awesome! Sean wants me to get on the smart phone thing but i can't ... but seriously, the way people talk about the iphone, i just might have to do it :)

  2. I was totally the same way! I wasn't even excited when we first ordered them. But now I get it. Just the fact that I can be out and about and be able to surf the internet to info or just fb... or even blog. oh my gosh I love it! Not quite as obsessed/anti-social with it Matt lol.

  3. I want one soooo bad! I'm so behind everyone lol, I have my old bootleg alcatel flip phone... so cheap! I want the iphone solely for the apps... I've heard of so many I wanna play with. Have fun!

  4. I'm still living in the 20th century with my old slider phone. I may get an iPhone someday, but not any time soon. I do think they are so cool though! I'm just not technologically savvy, haha!

  5. It happens to the best of us!!! Once you get i phoned you will never go back and a whole world of awesomeness opens up for you to have right at your finger tips. It's been a year since I upgraded from a busted flip and I'm still lovin' it.


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