Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shopping for person we haven't met...

... is super hard work!  Last weekend Matt and I went to to Target to go through the baby section so that he could get acquainted with all the gear...and their weird names.  It was a lot of fun because I get a kick out of seeing him be mesmerized by the tiny little clothes... immense selection of (his fav)... and I won't even get started in his amusement with the breast pumps. :)  (I had to walk away)

Still... we got down to business researching the best carseat reading reviews and  trying them out for ourselves.  We were torn between two so I pulled up reviews on both (Graco vs. Britax).  Turns out this particular Graco had a lot of complaints about the buckle being hard to take apart and therefore "stuck baby".  We decided to put it to the test.  I latched it up (which was hard enough) and then tried unlocking it but gave up.  Matt then tried and after shaking the carseat up it un-latched.  lol... so that one's out.
I just hope baby C appreciates all the hard work mommy and daddy are doing to keep he or she safe and comfy!  :)  We accept full nights of sleeping as gratitude.


  1. i just love how concentrated Matt looks try to get the car seat to unbuckle. :)

    glad you found the one that puts your mind at ease. Baby C def. owes you full nights rest ;)

  2. Isn't it fun to wander the baby item aisles with hubby! Your hubster looks determined to get that car seat unbuckled. I can only imagine the look he will have on his face to get a diaper changed :)


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