Wednesday, February 1, 2012

26 week Bump Update!

How Far Along? 26 weeks 4 days
Size of Baby? About 14 inches and weighing about 1 2/3 lbs
Maternity Clothes? Oh yeah... and outgrowing some. lol
Stretch Marks? Still none!
Sleep? Last night I busted out the air mattress and slept like a baby...well that is if the baby slept through the night instead of having a personal dance party. :)
Food Cravings? Breakfast food in general.  But I've been too busy to really satisfy it.
What I Miss: Being able to put lotion on my back without help.  
What I'm Looking Forward To:  Nursery work kicks into gear again this weekend!
Symptoms? I haven't had any more heartburn, but the lower back pain is here to stay.  I can deal though.  Yoga helps a trying to find time to keep a routine.  Skin is extra dry so I have to drink twice as much water... doesn't help that its winter either. :/
Movement?  Oh my.  Matt had to sit down and have a heart-to-heart with Cricket about using my insides as a personal gym.  I was convinced I would have bruising!  The next day was a lot less intense. :)  I guess daddy is boss. 
Belly Button In or Out? It's a legit button.  Go ahead... I dare you to press it. 
Labor Signs? Nope!
Best Moment of the Week? Cricket started reacting to my touch.  When I rub my belly there are times when I feel something poking I'll press on it and it presses back.  Or if I press anywhere... I get a kick or jab back in that area.  It's so cute. 
Weekly Wisdom: "Embrace the waddle.  Trying to cover it up only makes one look like they have a painful wedgie"


  1. how cute is Matt! letting Cricket know who is the boss, hehe, so cute!

    and who would have thought that an air mattress would be comfortable and give you a good nights rest?

    and the waddle {or painful wedgie} ... i'd like to see this ;)

    you are absolutely glowing!

    1. Oh yeah... lil bean is totally already listening to daddy. I have no power at all! And I'm surprised the air mattress works too!! It must be something with letting my body settle where it wants?! :)


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