Monday, February 13, 2012

28 week Bump Update!

...a look at how the bump has progressed.

...Hello 28 weeks and Third Trimester
How Far Along? 28 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby? About 14.8 inches and weighing about 2 and 1/4 lbs 
Maternity Clothes? them... 
Stretch Marks? nope...nadda... nothin'! 
Sleep? So much better!!  Matt helped me research the best positions to make sure my hips are supported.  Basically on my side with a folded body pillow between my knees to keep my legs parallel.  I sleep like a log now. :)  I wake up a little stiff, but nothing I can't stretch out.
Food Cravings? Nothing really this week...that helped the grocery shopping trip. :)
What I Miss: Moving around faster.  I feel so slow.
What I'm Looking Forward To:  My glucose test this Wednesday... I just hope I pass the first time through!  But I'll be able to hear Cricket's heartbeat. :)
Symptoms? I'm seriously cold all the time now!  I thought I was supposed to feel hot! haha... weirdness.  My weight gain has plateaued for the last few weeks... not complaining. 
Movement? What a joke!  My child apparently has nothing better to do than drop kick everything that touches my belly.  (ex: the counter, my desk, a book... and Matt's cheek). 
Belly Button In or Out? Now I know why they call it a belly "button"
Labor Signs? Nope!
Best Moment of the Week? Matt's nesting phase went to a whole new level.  He scrubbed every inch of the kitchen including behind the oven!  Then he proceeded to get a start on the rest of the house.  I'm just trying to keep up and stay out of his way.
Weekly Wisdom: "Pregnancy limits dance moves"


  1. i didn't know that the men went through the nesting phase too! that is awesome. haha.

    you look so good! i'm loving your hat!!

  2. Dear God, PLEASE Let John go through a nesting phase too. PLEASE!!!, Love, Dan.

    You look beautiful and I love seeing your belly grow through the weeks!! I do glucose test on Thursday, I'm nervous. Good luck to you!

  3. Wow send Matt to my house!!!

    Glad everything is going so well. You look wonderful. Can't wait to see pictures the finished nursery.

  4. Yeah, I need my man to do some nesting too. That would be fantastic! lol

  5. Wow, it's amazing to see the progress- you look amazing :)

  6. You are gorgeous and Matt's nesting instinct is too cute!!


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